10 Things that lead to Irresponsibility

It is the subtle things that hinder us in the training our children towards a Work Ethic.

  1. Do everything for your children – just let them have fun.
  2. Accept sloppy, tardy work.
  3. Accept your children’s lame excuses.
  4. Forget to check to see if the task was completed and acceptable.
  5. Regularly excuse your children from their responsibilities if something else fun turns up.
  6. Don’t carry through on consequences.
  7. Protect your children from tough jobs that are challenging or new.
  8. As a parent, act irresponsibly yourself - you are a role model
  9. Encourage the child to see how the task will benefit their life
  10. Encourage friendships that only meet your child’s needs

Of course, most of these things have a counter-balance. There is always context to any such action a parent can take. It is when we become characterized by these types of parenting decisions that irresponsibility will set in and become a habit of your child’s heart.

Live life with your kids!

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