Why did you start to Homeshool

by Belinda Letchford,

Why did you start Homeschooling? I'd love to hear your stories.


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Homeschool to have influence
by: Belinda

Even before our first child was born we wanted to homeschool. And yet in his early years we walked away from this idea.

When Josh was about 4 (Jess 3, Nomi just born) it started to stir in our hearts once more. We had been challenged with the idea of "who is the biggest influence in your child's life?"

Was it their friends?
Other adults?
TV or Videos?

We wanted to be the biggst influence. We felt that time was a big factor in influence - whoever you spend a large amount of time with will have an influence in your life. We wanted our children to spend time with us.

So we started homeschooling...and what a journey it has been!


Why we started homeschooling
by: Anne

We decided to homeschool our girls after first witnessing other homeshcooling families in action. We saw a very special relationship between the parents and children in these families that we desired to have in our own family.
We want to be responsible for our daughter's education, passing on our faith and morals. We want to guide and nurture them in their spiritual walk, focus on character training and life skills. We want to give our girls a real love of learning that will reach well beyond 'graduation' and continue all through their lives.
We feel we have wonderful support from the other homeschooling families in our area and we believe God is actively involved and interested in what we're doing.
It's a challenge and a privilegde to be in this position.

Why I started homeschooling
by: Margret

Hi, my name is Margret and we've been homeschooling since 2002. We have 4 children, aged 12-2 and another due in mid April.
I became interested in the concept of homeschooling in 2000. Eventually it became time for me to make a decision whether or not to homeschool. I decided that people like me, phlegmatic, organisationally challenged, do Not take on big responsibilities like educating their children. It was in the moment that I came to that conclusion that God spoke to me the first time and said "You will homeschool". It wasn't audible, but I knew that God had a plan for us!!!
There have been many times of little academics, life getting in the way of 'school', and periods where life has been plain difficult in the last 6 years. We've stuck by homeschooling and I'm very grateful for the privilege of having our children home, learning how to live life with their family. They are delightful, interested and caring young people, developing a relationship with God.
It has been a wonderful journey, which I am very grateful for and I look forward to the next umpteen years, educating our children about life!

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