Tell him your Reasoning

I just love it when my big kids take on training my younger kids in a skill that they have already mastered. Its not that I want to get out of the training myself but rather to see the family learning this way is tremendous. I love it!

One morning Daniel dropped a little toy down a crevice and without getting complicated - it needed a screwdriver to unscrew certain panels. The screws were on too tight for me so we waited till big-brother Josh had a moment to give it a try. As Josh went off to the shed to get a bigger screwdriver Daniel said, "I'm coming too!" I realised that he intended to learn from his big brother.

I called out to Josh, "Tell Daniel your reasoning!"

Then it hit me - Isn't this what teaching our children is all about? I want my children to live their lives along side of me, to learn from things together. But how often to I forget to tell my children my reasoning.

My reason for using this toolMy reason for having this systemMy reason for going to this shopMy reason for doing it this way

I am reminded of the story where the lady always cut the end off her roast. When asked why she did that, she didn't know, except for the fact that her mum always did it that way. She asked her mum why she cut the end off; she didn't know either, as that was what her mum always did. She asked her mum, "Why cut the end of the roast off?" Grandma replied, "My roasting pan was always too small!"

I want my children to know my reasoning. When I talk to them, discuss and explain, they are developing their own sense of awareness, understanding and reasoning.

My motto for the week: Tell them my reasoning!

Share your own lesson learnt.

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