Social Opportunities

by Hazel

Since moving to a new town I have not been able to find regular playmates for my 5 and 7 year old boys.
The children are really happy and I keep them busy, but I wonder how much social time with other children their age, I should be arranging?

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Aug 29, 2015

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Mar 04, 2011
Family First
by: Belinda (Lifestyle-Homeschool)

Social issues is a tricky one for homeschoolers - we automatically react whenever anyone asks that question - "What about their social skills?"

But reality is that we do need to be aware of this area developing in our children's lives. The difference is that people think this can only develop in school - whereas I believe it happens first in the family.

I don't think we can put an amount on how much social interactivity is good because each child will respond to time with others differently.

I know some children who really 'need' it - and yet if we allow their contact with peers to be greater than their interaction with their siblings we reduce the opportunity for family relationships to grow.

I know some children who withdraw from it - and we need to encourage them to make new friends and see that other people will benefit their lives.

I think the important thing is to
1. consider the personality of each child
2. consider the lifestyle of the family (and to be honest, I consider this to be first in importance)

I also think that we need to see family activities - visiting family and friends, sport, church, etc as social activities for our kids. I would encourage you to consider how much your family interacts with others more than focussing on peer interaction for your kids. They need peer friends but it needs to be kept in balance with the rest of their social needs.

I don't know that this directly answers your question - but I hope there are some issues to think about as you begin to find friends for your young family.

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