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by Hazel (a question)

I am not a very organised person and am finding it hard to get into a regular routine, as well as creating / maintaining consistent routines and jobs charts etc. (Do you have any ideas?)

Response from Belinda Letchford, Lifestyle Homeschool

I have two other articles on Routines -

Establishing Routines and Writing a Routine.

Though if you have already worked through these issues and your concern is more about living it out then consider these thoughts:

How to Maintain Routines

* Make sure it is a routine that fits your family (not copied from another family)

* Make sure there is enough margins in your routine to allow for the calls of family life (nappies, phone calls, packing up activities, discussions.)

* Make sure there is down time - for you and the kids. We need time to reflect and assimilate the things that we hear and learn. Without this we move into overload real quick

* Review and alter routines regularly as family members grow and seasons change


Routines or lists will never get things done around our homes, but they can help us keep focus. We have to be convicted, within ourselves that the things we write down on our routine are important.

Our routine needs to be flexible. This is why I have a core plan that we can tweak around the interruptions of life.

We need to have our days written on a chart where we can see them! Children benefit from being able to see the plan; it can serve as either motivation or a guide for them to show some initiative.

We have to be committed to the family and not our own interests else we will always find something else to do with our time. It is easy to blame our routine when things go wrong but often it is my priorities that are out of whack.

We need to learn to say "no" to good opportunities and only allow for the "God" opportunities. We can fill our days with good things, or better things or the best things. The choice is ours but we will reap the consequences.

If this was your entry point to my discussion on Routines and you find that your current routines are not really working for you, or if there are conflicts between your heart to disciple and your need to use time wisely you may need to reconsider the issue of routines, from the perspective of Discipleship. I encourage you to read Establishing Routines and Writing a Routine which come from this bias and may be the new perspective you need to consider.

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