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I personally make no distinction between my parenting role and my homeschooling role but for those who are not homeschooling I list these articles separately.

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My goal is to raise children who love God, and choose to walk in His ways out of their own convictions. To have children who live a life that is driven by love for others and expressed in consistent character.

I offer these articles, sharing the things that have been helpful in my own journey as I discover ways to be intentional in the training of my children.

E-book - Heart Focus Parenting - our role as parents is to create an atmosphere in our homes where our children are encoucraged to turn their hearts towards God; that they may know Him, hear His voice, and choose to walk in His ways. Read an excerpt.

Parent Think Spot A collection of short thoughts, helps, tips and ideas to help you.

Full Articles:

Anger Doesn't Work! Learning the definitions of Self control has been one aspect of overcoming this but looking deeper, at the things that trigger my anger has been more beneficial to myself and my relationships.

Be a Thinking Parent - We must know our children, know our training goals.

Bullying - the Power Plays in your Family Yes, bullying happens in everyday family life. Recognise sibling behaviour as such and you are on the way to creating better relationships in your family.

Count the cost We need to know what it takes to do our job, and be prepared to pay the cost - for it will cost us.

Conversation at the Family Meal Table (includes a free download reminder chart.) The family meal table is a time to come together and enjoy each other but at times this goes a little haywire!

Discover your Family Vision We always started with our family vision - not our homeschool vision. It is important for every family to know what is important to them, where they are going and how they are going to get there.

Encourage our Kids We know we are to encourage our children but do we know what is really going on when we do so?

Establishing Routines - the beginning of series of thoughts.

Family Team Work What character traits can I use to encourage family team work?

Heart Focus - What is the heart?

It is a Journey When we see raising our children as a training processes rather than a one off teaching event we will have a much better long term understanding of being a parent.

Manners Matter We need to teach our children manners, not only the what to do but more importantly the why.

Positive Affirmations Surround yourself with reminders to affirm your love for your children and to encourage growth and change in your areas of weakness.

Smart Goals When we set SMART goals we are on the way to being intentional and proactive, rather than reactive.

Telephone Conversations (includes a free reminder chart.) Why is it that children always need you when you are talking on the phone? Our children need to understand that when we are talking on the telephone, it is another person we are speaking to.

Work Ethic - Diligence is the Key When we train our children in doing chores, we are developing a work ethic. Diligence is the primary character trait we want to see in our children's lives.

More Parenting Resources

Because Lifestyle Homeschool is all about being a family first, there are many articles that apply to family life without necessarily homeschooling. If you are not a homeschool family, I encourage you to look around.

We need to be proactive in training our children's hearts, in developing their character. This is a big part of our family life. Read more on Character Education. You can increase your focus on training in the areas of Character by being aware of the issues, and talking around the breakfast or dinner table.

Character Notes We use Character First material to help me put words to each character trait that I want my children to run with. My Character Notes are the lessons we learn and the thoughts we discuss.

Live life with your Kids Newsletter is my weekly newsletter which regularly covers topics such as parenting tips and character training. You may enjoy this weekly encouragement(homeschooling or not).
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