Help! My Child is Smarter than I am!

When Joshua was 10 years old he spent a year studying the Ice Age from a Creation perspective. He read a selection of books, asked himself questions, researched for answers and wrote many thoughts and articles. At the end of the year he came to me with a question on the tectonic plates. I was stumped – I had no idea, I didn’t really care much either (to be totally honest!!) I was faced with something that had been sitting at the back of my mind – Help! My child is smarter than I am!!

So what was I going to do with his tectonic plates question? I told him that I couldn’t help him. That he only had the question because he had been reading books for 9 months and for me to know the answer I would have to read the same books plus more. I don’t have time for that! So he had two choices

  1. He could accept that he didn’t know the answer and maybe when he was older he could delve deeper and maybe find the answer

  2. Or

  3. He could research some more and find the answer now.

He chose to find the answer now!! I was able to give him some keywords to direct and guide further internet search and within an hour he had found the answer he wanted. I was helpful afterall!!

What I came to learn through this situation was that, yes, he is a clever boy, a deeper thinker than I am, but I am still his mum; I am still an adult with age, experience and big picture perspective. It was from this perspective that I was able to give him some keywords which helped him in his academic pursuit.

At other times, when it becomes obvious that he is thinking on a plane deeper than me, I remind myself that it isn’t what we know that our children need to learn – it is who we are.

It is our passion for God and our value system that we need to pass onto our children. It is our desire for wisdom and not so much our knowledge that is important for our children to see and catch a hold of in their own hearts. We cannot be intimidated by our own lack of knowledge but rather be encouraged that God’s wisdom is available to any who ask.

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