Making Kids excited about Writing

When it comes to getting kids to enjoy writing you need to keep our eyes on your focus. My focus is to help my children to think, rather than writing itself. Writing is just a tool to express our thinking. When we know our focus it helps keep balance with our expectations.

When my kids are niggly about writing I offer to type it as they speak, or I offer them an opportunity to express their thinking in a way that is more consistent with their talents. Eg – Josh never gets niggly about writing cause it is his talent. Jess is given the opportunity to be more creative with text, along the scrapbooking style, Nomi might do something arty with paints or clay, Daniel might build something from boxes and masking tape. Though this isn’t the normal for them it is a relevant expression of the thinking they have about a topic.

I also place a high value on oral narrations, so if we hit a day, or a season, where writing is hard we go back to Oral Narrations (and I may not type them all). Oral narrations are valid at all ages and I believe to be the beginning of thinking skills.

I think a key in children being excited about anything is the level of relationship with the parent while on that learning journey. Our expectations, especially with writing, often kill that relational heart.

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