Love People where they are

by anon. / visitor

I often remind my children that God has made each of us unique with different abilities and gifts. People are not always where we are and to judge them is judging Gods wonderful creation. It is important to love others because we don't know what leg of the journey they are on. But we do know to whom gives grace will also receive grace.

Comment by Belinda
Thank you for your reminder - this is something that is important to remind our children (and ourselves) about. Can anyone think of some ideas to create a quick visual prompt?

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by: Anonymous

I'm going to use this with my 5yo for her little almost 2yo sister--to help the 5yo understand that the 2yo can't always grasp the character concepts I'm trying to teach the 5yo and she just can't do everything with her.

Maybe a picture of an older child helping or loving on a younger child would be lovely.

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