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Homeschool - It's more than academics

What is Success?
Discipleship Approach
Guiding Principles
Working Definition of Discipleship
Plan your Discipleship
Train up a Child
Scope and Sequence for Discipleship Approach
Discipleship and Curriculum
Bible Verses that encourage our Family
Discover your own Family Vision

Starting Homeschooling
My Top Tips for Starting Homeschooling
Relationship Based Activities
Learn about Homeschooling
Choosing Curriculum
Cost of Homeschooling

FAQ - Discipleship Homeschool
Ask your Homeschool Question
Discipleship and Curriculum
Motivate the unmotivated
Teaching the Early Years
Implementing Discipleship Homeschool with a Large Family

Relationships First

Relationship Priorities
Character traits directed at Relationships

Serving Others




Gift Giving
Gift Giving is Educational

Communicating to others



Be a good listener

Non-Verbal (body language)

Conflict Resolution
Bullying – Power Plays in your Family

How to have good manners
Manners Matter


Articles of Interest / Relationships First
My Dad, My Teacher
What is Success?
Life Messes with my Homeschool Routine
What is a Good Homeschool Day?
Relationship Based Activities

FAQ regarding Relationships First


Time Management
Time Management Tools for Children
Routines (3 part series)

Money Stewardship


Developing a Work Ethic
Diligence is the Key
Work and its Rewards
10 Things that lead to Irresponsibility

Character Traits directed at the realms of Responsibilities

FAQ regarding teaching Responsibilities
What curriculum can I use to teach responsibilities?
What character traits will build our family into a Team

Intrapersonal Skills

Benefits of studying Intrapersonal skills

How to teach Intrapersonal skills
Positive Affirmations
Reminder Wall

Leadership Skills

Public Presentation
Manners - see Relationships 1st - Manners

Personal Hygiene

Dressing Appropriately


Self Management
Decision Making

Handling External Pressures

Handling Disappointment and Failure

Stress Management

Time Management - see Responsibilities training - Time Management


Knowing Myself
Learning Styles

Multiple Intelligences

Love Languages


Learning Difficulties

Emotional Health

Gender Skills
For my Boys
For my Girls

Physical Health

Exercise for Health

Sportsmanship and Competition

Sport in Society

Purity Issues

Talents, Gifts and Abilities

How to discover Talents
Help! I can’t teach that
Our days are so full already
A caution or two
A comment on “Mum, I’m bored!”

Talents, Gifts and Abilities (a list of ideas)

FAQ in regards to making room for Talents

Academic Studies

Discipleship Scope and Sequence

Academics vs Wisdom
What is Success?
Using our Brain to the Glory of God

Basic Skills


Living Math

Thinking Skills

General Knowledge
Science - study of the world
History - study of the people

Computer and Technology
Learning to Type
Office Application in family life
Children and Blogging

Character Traits specific to Formal Studies

Learning Tools

Reading Books
Reading to Learn

Reading Aloud
How to Read Aloud

Reading Independently

Reading List
Counterfeit Literature

Audio books

Organising Bookshelves

Respond to Learn

What is Narration?
Narration - without Books

Be a Good Listener
Scientific Method, Conversations with Science

Reading Journals
What are Reading Journals

Research to Learn

Questions – Asking questions / Guided Questions


Discovery / hands on

Record to Learn


Development of Writing
Writing for a Purpose (Audience)



Learning Tools Articles
Tweaking Homeschool Methods for Highschool
Get over the Mess!
Help! My Child is Smarter than I am!
Reading Problems

Bible Study

How to do Bible Study
Methods for Bible Study

Personal Devotions
What is daily devotion
Our Role as Parent
Give your Child the Skills
Devotions with the Young Child
Children having devotions on their own
When Children Resist
When it becomes a bore
Choosing Resources

Lesson Time

Multi-ages and Bible Study

Family Worship – Going to Church

Audio Bible Stories

FAQ and Bible Study
Age appropriate expectations

Character Education

Why Character Training
How to Start
Character Education is achievable in your Home
Praise our Children
Does it work for negative behaviour?

Character Notes

Hospitality - Our Children need to be involved
Self Control
< ahref="">Sincerity - Where heart and actions are in Sync

Family Life

Learning in your family life

Share your lifestyle homeschool stories!

Play Time / Free Time
Benefits of Play
Too old to Play?

Talk, Talk, Talk
Narration - without Books
Meal Time Conversations
Scientific Method, Conversations with Science

Time in Nature
What if Nature is not your Thing?
Nature Journals just not Happening

Nature in Family life - Share your nature study stories

Driving in the Car
Lessons learnt from the Clouds

Family Traditions

Christmas Traditions
Advent - Preparing our Hearts
Family Bible Study at Christmas Time
Character training at this time
Christmas Giving Opportunities
Gift giving - a Parent's Opportunity
Homeschool at Christmas Time

Christmas Lesson Plans
A Christmas Journey
The Tale of Three Trees
An Angel's Story
The Legend of the Candy Cane

Christmas Resource Page
Christmas Everyday
Christmas Debrief

Easter Celebrations
Our plans for Easter
Jelly Beans tell the Redemption story
Resurrection Rolls

Easter Family Bible Study
Create a table centerpiece
Easter Resource Page (book list)
Easter Activities Page
Easter Cookies
Resurrection Rolls
Jelly Beans tell the Redemption Story

Homeschool Support Articles

Ask a Question

Heart to Heart
Laughter in your Home
Homeschool Mum needs to know
Sincerity as a Homeschool Mum

Topics of Interest
Home Management
Blending Homeschool and Housework
Not enough Time
Doing the Basics
Toy Organisation

The Challenging Child
Curriculum for Special Needs Child
Special Needs – Surviving the Battle!”
Motivate the Unmotivated
Creating an Interest to Learn

Time for Mum

Miscellaneous Articles

Guest Writers
Positive Affirmations
Busyness, the Thief of Family Memories

Parenting Resources

E-book Heart Focus Parenting

Parent Think Spot
5 Keys to Consistency
Instructions or Example?
A few thoughts on Busyness

Parenting Articles:
5 Keys to Consistency
Anger doesn't Work
Be a Thinking Parent
Bullying - the Power Plays in your Family
Count the Cost
Conversation at the Family Meal Table
Discover your Family Vision
Encourage our Kids
Heart Focus Parenting (excerpt from e-book)
Laughter in the Home
Parenting is a Journey
Positive Affirmations
Routines (3 part series)
Telephone Conversations
Work Ethic - Diligence is the key

Character Education - A collection of articles.

Character Notes

Free Download Page

Article: Conversation at the Family Meal Table
Meal Time Conversation Prompt Chart

Article: There is someone speaking on the Telephone
Telephone Conversation Prompt Chart

Discover your Family Vision

About Me, my family and our Homeschooling
About Me ‘n Mine

My Reading Pile
My Reading Pile

Live life with your kids!