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When we homeschool, we have the opportunity to encourage our children's learning in a different environment and with different tools than a traditional education setting. In our Discipling our children these are the tools that we use.

Reading outdoorsNaomi delights in being able to read

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Learning Tools Articles

We make no distinction between gaining knowledge when we are out and about and when we are reading a book, or facing our formal studies. These tools are flexible, and appropriate in every situation. These are the very tools that I personally use when I set out to master something new in my life and you probably recognise them in your life too. We need to establish them in our children's lives.

Reading Books

There are two purposes for reading:
  1. Reading for pleasure – entertainment

  2. Read to Learn

Read Alouds
How to Read Aloud Do you feel awkward reading aloud to your children, do you get the feeling that your children would rather be some place else? Improve your reading aloud skills.

Reading Independently

Reading List
Counterfeit Literature How can we teach our children to discern good literature from the worthless?

Audio Books

Books: Using Your Resources is an article written by Melissa from, Living Life between the Trees encouraging us to organise our bookshelves so we know what we have and we can then use our books in the educating of our family.


Respond to Learn

What is Narration?
Narration - without Books

Scientific Method - Conversations with Science
Be a Good listener

Guided questions

Reading Journal
What are Reading Journals


Research to Learn


Discovery / hands on


Record to Learn


Writing for a Purpose



These tools are applicable when reading about God in our Bible studies, they are applicable when trying a new skill such as cooking or welding, they are applicable when we work on changing aspects of our personal life as well as formal studies. I encourage you to find ways to incorporate these tools outside of your "school" understanding, find applications throughout your children's whole life. As you do so you will be encouraging your children to be lifelong learners.

Learning Tools Articles

Read Lifestyle Learning Model sequentially
Read to Learn
Respond to Learn
Research to Learn
Record to Learn

Other Learning Tools Articles:
  • Homeschool Methods for Highschool Students. Sometimes we may think that as soon as a child hits highschool things need to change. We haven't found that to be the case. As our children have grown older we have used the same methods just with a little tweak.
  • Get over the Mess! Hands on projects often create so much clutter and at times chaos. Here are some thoughts that have helped me get over the mess.
  • Help! My child is smarter than I am! Here I am, with my son at the age of 10, faced with something that had been sitting at the back of my mind for a while – Help! My child is smarter than I am!!
  • Reading Problems - help from Belinda and readers addressing the affects of reading problems

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