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How to homeschool? We ask this question because we know all about school - most of us have done school but as we step into homeschooling we have this sense that this might be different.

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Philosophy of Education
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Starting Out
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Philosophy of Education

For us our philosophy, what we believe about education and why, has evolved over the years. As we learn more:
  • our understanding or definition of education has become clear
  • our definition of success has been formed. Read What is Success?
  • and our perception how to learn has also changed.

You may not have the privilege of researching a lot of how to's before you start - that is okay. Grow and learn with your children. Become a family that learn together.

When we began our journey our goal was, and still is, to impart into our children the things that are important to us. To be a major influence in our children’s lives. This is why we homeschool.

I believe that homeschooling is the opportunity
to have our children home,
to influence them,
to guide them and mould them.

Discipleship Approach

A common thread in homeschooling families, regardless of philosophy or methods chosen, is our desire to see our children love learning. Our method, on the one hand may be seen as eclectic, but we have an overriding direction that pulls it all together. We see this approach as the Discipleship Approach

When I look at how to educate our children, I focus on these Guiding Principles. It is tempting to use educational institution guidelines and outcomes to help guide us. And though I find them to be helpful at times, it is these principles that work in our family every day.

We are very intentional about our direction and our assessment of how we are going. But without the structures of traditional education I can find myself floundering at times. This Working Definition of Discipleship that helps me asses how we are going in realistic terms, day by day.

Over the years Peter and I have had to look into the Scriptures and look into our hearts to define many areas of our life, and in many cases, redefine definitions that we grew up with. One such area has been education.

The Word of God is a living thing and the Holy Spirit will quicken verses to you and to me – different verses. I share our Discipleship Bible Verses for your encouragement and to help you see where we are coming from.

Be Intentional

Homeschooling the Discipleship Approach doesn’t mean you don’t have a plan. To the contrary – you plan what you want to impart into every area of your child’s life. Read more about Planning your Discipleship

We are told to Train up a child, Prov 22:6. Believing that God has made each child with a unique plan helps us to know which way to train them. This is taken into consideration with our Discipleship Method.

For all the most important things
in education we have an inside track,
since we reckon with the whole person,
including heart and soul.

– Ruth Beechick,
A Biblical Psychology of Learning (1982)

In keeping with our desire to Disciple our children we created the Discipleship Scope and Sequence which is consistent with pursuing wisdom, being a life-long, independent learner and living life and learning with your family.

It must be highlighted that we initially plan for our Family, not for our schooling. This is an important distinction, whether you keep your children home or not, God has given you the responsibility for your family and you need to know what is important to your family; what are your family values, what are your family goals and how are you going to achieve them. So often we set goals for financial freedom and expected family vacations but this type of planning goes much deeper.

Where there is no vision, the people perish:
but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Prov 29:18

  • What do you want your life to be characterized by?
  • What do you want your children’s hearts to look like?
In order to carry out this responsibility properly we need to have a plan; we need to know what is important to instruct our children. Without this we will grab hold of the latest, most exciting, most promising deals out there.

Read Discover your own Family Vision

Starting Out

As you start out I encourage you to give yourself a season of learning
  • Discover what God has for you and your family
  • Discover your philosophy of education
  • Become familiar with family orientated methods of learning
  • Read good books for yourself and to your children and see your own life being stimulated by fresh ideas (wisdom)
If we are going to step outside the traditional model of education and live life with our kids – to disciple and mentor them – we need to know what this means.

My Top Tips for Starting Homeschooling

Relational Based Activities will help you as you ease into this new lifestyle.

Learn about Homeschooling There is so much to learn about, read my recommendations for establishing a discipleship mindset.

Choosing Curriculum You need to do this, but please don't rush into it.

The cost of homeschooling is always a consideration. What are the priority things we should spend our money on for a discipleship focus?

Establishing Routines knowing what you are going to do in your day is an important step towards being intentional and purposeful in the discipleship of your children.

Advice to New Homeschoolers is an article by Shirley who is a home school mum to five children as well as a home school curriculum author. You can find her at

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