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The homeschool community is one of support and encouragement; mums helping mums. Many of these articles have been in response to questions people ask me, others come from my observations and personal homeschool journey.

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Home Management including topics such as meal planning, organising toys, planning our day etc

The Challenging Child including special needs, the unmotivated student, gifted child etc

Time for Mum including Finding time to refresh, Quiet Times for mums, Date nights/ideas, etc

Miscellaneous This category will expand to something more specific I am sure as questions and discussions are submitted. But in the meantime it will be a collection of topics that don't fit elsewhere!

Home Management

The Challenging Child

Time for Mum

Miscellaneous Articles

12 Things You Might Not Have Learned in a Classroom by John Taylor Gatto (will open new browser)

Live life with your kids!

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