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As a family we are very fortunate to have a local homeschool group that offers support and encouragement to our family. Whenever the mums get together we eventually get around to talking about our homeschool life - the challenges, the victories, the journey.

I'd like to offer you that support - albeit via a virtual, online relationship. In this section of my website you'll find a place to ask questions, read answers and read a collection of articles that have been written for your encouragement and support.

Find your way around this page:
Heart to Heart - Short articles where I share the things that touch our heart, inspire us to keep on going, and to keep our focus on the main thing.
Topics of Interest - A collection of articles from my desk, many originating from readers' questions.
Guest Writers - articles and stories written by other discipleship focused families.

Ask a Homeschool Question

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Heart to Heart

Topics of interest – A collection of articles from my desk, many originating from readers' questions. They are divided into general categories such as:

  • Home Management including topics such as meal planning, organising toys, planning our day etc
  • The Challenging Child including special needs, the unmotivated student, gifted child etc
  • Time for Mum Finding time to refresh, Quiet Times for mums, Date nights/ideas, etc
  • Miscellaneous This category will expand to something more specific I am sure as questions and discussions are submitted. But in the meantime it will be a collection of topics that don't fit elsewhere!

Share your stories
and encourage other families.

You may not be an 'writer' but I encourage you to share
- mum to mum - anyway, just drop us a line!
  • Your journey from school to discipleship
  • Principles and practices that help you day in and day out
  • What has been your best and biggest success this week?
  • A great read aloud? A particular method or technique?
  • A new lifeskill you taught
  • What your day looks like
    (read about our day here)
  • Or any homeschool thought that is on your heart

Your experience may well be the key to
someone else's difficulties!

Guest Writers – If you have a heart for discipleship / lifestyle homeschool I'd love to publish your articles. It is simple to make your own page here at Lifestyle Homeschool. For those not wanting to write - check out the articles that have been submitted!

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Live life with your kids!

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