Homeschool at Christmas Time

In keeping with the Lifestyle Homeschool philosophy that every activity that happens in regular family life is a learning opportunity – Christmas time abounds in such learning. I hope you will be inspired to see all that your children are learning as you take this time to celebrate Christ’s birth.

Shopping with the SalvosTogether under the Christmas Tree

Regardless of how you prepare for Christmas we must remember we can’t do it all. We must keep our focus on Jesus and on our children’s hearts (and our own!). We take the whole month of December to focus on the coming of our Lord Jesus – Christmas and our celebrations. Some of these preparations are
  • spiritual – as we learn more of Jesus
  • some are physical – as we decorate the house and prepare food and gifts for family and friends
  • some are moral – as we deal with the self-centered character traits that emerge at this time
  • and some are more academic as we put into practice our learning tools as we read, talk, and write about all things Christmas.
Everything provides a homeschool learning opportunity.

Keep your spirit gentle,
keep your house peaceful and
keep your heart full of love.

Learning Value in Family Christmas Celebrations

  • When we read our family devotions, we continue to practice our reading, listening, and discussion skills. We may research topics and possibly write or journal about what we have learnt.
  • When we read Christmas inspired stories we are exposed to ideas about the preciousness of others, we are reminded about Jesus, we learn about different countries and how they have added to our Christmas traditions.
  • When we become involved in community service, we are learning to see and serve the needs of others, we are learning to value life, and give of ourselves.
  • When we decorate the house we learn to spend money wisely, to be creative, to follow instructions as we make things.
  • When we prepare gifts for friends we practice our measuring and following instructions as we follow patterns, we practice keeping to a budget, we experience being a consumer and have exposure to service staff.
  • When we prepare food we have to consider the likes and needs of our guests, our budget, our time constraints and cooking abilities. We also have the opportunity to cook foods that may not be everyday fair.
  • When we invite people to a party we have the opportunity to plan and organize a party and all that that involves – from invites, to food, to space, to decorations, to budget, to food preparation, to tidying the house etc. Most of all we learn to be hospitable and available to people.

As a family lives life together there is so much to learn.

Homeschool Writing Opportunities

We often worry though that as we live our life with our kids over Christmas that they are missing out on writing practice. Let me show you the opportunities your children have to write:
  • Prepare a family newsletter (or at least write a paragraph to represent their own year)
  • Write invites to Christmas party, write RSVP on any invites you have received
  • Write poems or copy poems, sentimental sayings or scripture to put into cards
  • Send cards/letters to cousins, and friends living out of town
  • Write thank you letters to people who have served them during the year (tutors, co-op teachers, librarians)
  • Write thank you letters/notes after receiving a gift
  • Write menu cards, place setting cards for either the Family Dinner Table or the Celebration Dinner Table on Christmas Day (these can include personal verses and encouragement)
  • Create e-cards to send to friends and family
  • Scrapbook your family Christmas celebrations – including journaling
  • Write a poem or drama to perform at a family or church gathering
  • Write a song
  • Create vouchers as gifts
  • Write shopping lists, or to do lists, as each child gets ready for Christmas
  • Journal / Notebook after Family Devotion time
  • Prepare a devotional to share with the family
  • Journal / Notebook after a Read Aloud time

Homefires Holiday Curriculum - Diane lists the education speak for so many regular family Christmas time activities – you will see all the writing opportunities, the math opportunities and so much more. If you need to keep a record of “doing school” and yet want to enjoy the Christmas season with your kids, I encourage you to read through this list and see the endless possibilities that family life offers your child’s education.

Live life with your kids!

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