How to Homeschool
Guiding Principles Summary

When I look at how to homeschool, it is these principles that help me keep relationships first, see my children as individuals and make room for everyday living and at the same time deliver a high quality education.

  1. My priorities as I look at my day are relationships first, then skills and then academics.

  2. I set goals for each of my children that are guided by these developmental phases – Character, Love of Learning, Study Skills and then we reach the stage of Independent learner.

  3. I recognise that every day activities that we have happen in our family are opportunities to learn. The challenge is not to squeeze in more “school” but to relax in knowing that they are learning.

  4. Most of our learning is achieved through good books – either read aloud to the whole family or as individual reading lists.

  5. We read to be inspired – to be inspired not only to knowledge but to be inspired to Wisdom

  6. We Read, we Research and we Respond. Responding can be oral, or written or creative.

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Live life with your kids!