Goals for Me

I have set myself some goals to change the habits both of my heart and habits of my actions. I have made progress but like all new habits you want to establish in your life you need to work on it for more than one week. So I am going to keep these as my goals for the coming weeks.

As we set out to Disciple our children; it is obvious that we must walk the walk and talk the talk. To have our children walk beside us in our life, and to learn the skills and character necessary to live life for God from us, is an awesome responsibility.

These goals are all about realigning some of the areas that have got out of whack in my own life.

If you struggle with setting goals maybe you need to determine your vision first. Peter and I have prepared and presented a workshop to help families define their vision. You may find reading through the questions from that workshop as helpful. Read more about a family vision or download Discover your Family Vision Workshop (pdf)

Belinda Letchford

1. Bible Study / Devotions

  • I want to get my morning routine in order so that I have the time (or can make the time) to sit with Nomi ad discuss her devotions with her. I also need to spend time with Daniel daily to establish a personal devotion time for him.
  • We need to get back to the goal of having Family Devotions at 8.00 regardless of what everyone is doing. They can resume their responsibilities after this time together.

2. Must Do

  • Though there is always paper work to be done I need to put this in its proper priority.
  • I need to follow my cut off times for computer in the morning
  • I need to start dinner at the appropriate time each day
These goals will help me keep my focus on the heart issues - my heart, my children's heart, and the heart of my home.

3. Homeblessings

I want to capture a fresh vision for my home. To have a love for things of beauty. To be prepared in practical areas so the relational times flow without stress.

I use Flylady to help me with my housework routines. So in that vein my goals for my home this week is to resume daily, weekly, monthly routines.

To spend at least one hour on a daily focus:
Monday – Washing, Floor, Bedrooms
Tuesday – Ironing, Zone
Wednesday – Zone
Thursday – Town Chores, Grocery Shopping
Friday – Weekly Homebless, Tropical Homebless
Saturday – Prepare for Family Day
Sunday – Rest, Relationships and Worship

4. Train Up

What do I mean by setting relationship goals? I mean to make myself aware that I need to have margins in my life where I can spend time with the people that are important to me. That I can have the emotional and mental energy left at the end of the day to interact with the people I love. I need to learn to say no - even to good ideas - leave my time to the best ideas.

My goals in this area are self directed. I want to work at my diligence towards my responsibilities. I want to ask myself, daily, moment by moment “Do you, Belinda, have the freedom to be doing this?” So often I take privileges, I get distracted, I don’t do the important thing. I need to keep my eyes on the important and believe less of my day will become urgent!

In setting most of this week's Goals for my own personal life, rather than the training of my children’s lives, I am dealing with many of the intrapersonal skills. I need to take leadership in my own life, to show character traits such as diligence and thoroughness, to look after my health, and to know myself and how I tick in order to plan my days productively.

Yes, it is so easy to make time for these things - these are the easy things in life. Though I have many freedoms because of the age of my children I still need to be there for them, especially Daniel who is still very dependent. I need to find time for writing, scrapbooking and hopefully sewing, but it needs to be kept in balance with the needs of my children.

In the hope of showing our children that learning is a life long pursuit I want to continue to grow in my understanding of the world and people about us.

  • I want to read something from my reading list daily, and maintain a reading journal.
  • I need to make time to prepare Bible and Character lessons so that these principles from God's Word is in my heart not my head.
  • Each week I need to be prepared for any lessons that I want to teach to our children. Since Josh and Jess are predominately independent in most their studies this means my focus needs to be on Nomi and Daniel

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