Family Bible Study at Christmas Time

Our Family Devotions take a change in December as we prepare for Christmas. Each year we take a study that allows us to focus on preparing our hearts for Jesus.

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Be Deliberate
This Year in our House (2007)
Christ the Center of your Christmas
Devotional Resources

Be Deliberate

Since the month of December is spent in preparation of our celebrations – making decorations, gifts and cooking food it is important to us to make sure that Family Devotions, or Bible Study happens amongst all the busyness.

I truly want Christmas to be a time where we focus on Jesus, and all that his coming as a baby means to us. Our Devotion time is central to this happening. I find that unless I have predetermined a time, and a study focus then this won’t happen.

We set aside 1/2hour to 1 hour of table time a day where we will read the Bible, discuss and possibly even research a topic. Often the older children will write at this stage in order to record their learning. If a day is full of family activities this will be the only academic work the children will do for the day. (Though of course, I don’t want our study to be academic – it needs to touch our hearts – but we use formal learning tools as we study the Word of God.) See Learning Tools

This year (2007)

I intended to work with a Jesse Tree but I found the devotional I had planned to use did not fit with our family - it was very artistic in its expression and we are more down to earth in our discussions and prayers. So here was a good lesson for me to learn - be prepared to change your plans and secondly choose something that is suitable for your family.

We are now going to read from our Christmas Book list , discuss it and notebook it. As with all things in our life the Bible, the Word of God, is the basis for all our discussions. As we discuss various topics and thoughts that are presented to us through these books we will find verses and discuss God's perspective.

As always it is wisdom that we need to find in our times of study.

Practical application of knowing Jesus.

Christ the Center of your Christmas

To have a spiritual focus, where we are training our children to see and remember that Jesus Christ is the center of Christmas we need to
  • First be intentional; to know what and how we are going to carry out Family Bible Study time in December.
  • Secondly, we need to remember that it is about preparing our hearts - not our head full of knowledge. Find a study that gives your children the opportunity to love God more.
  • Thirdly, make sure your choice study fits your family - don't make it a complex study if you have little ones. As our family has grown older we are able to dig deeper, and write more. When we had little ones it was more about reading a story, talking (narrating) and possibly doing a craft or colouring sheet.
  • Fourthly, don't try to do it all! Lighting a candle, once a week may be more achievable to your family this year, than creating a Jesse Tree Lapbook. The visual output (paper trail) to the lessons your children learn is not important - their memories of their parents teaching them the things of the Lord is.

Keep your spirit gentle,
keep your house peaceful and
keep your heart full of love.

Devotional Resources for Christmas

Advent Wreath:
The Season of Advent - Anticipation and Hope. Learn about this aspect of celebrating Christmas, the build up to remembering Christ’s birth.

Advent study for families and another here

Names of Jesus:
Names of Jesus Study. This is a combination advent devotional and unit study. Plenty for everyone to learn.

Symbols of Christmas:
Symbols of Christmas Unit Study Use the symbols that our culture uses to celebrate the true spiritual meaning of Christmas.

Jesse Tree:
With bright, simple graphics, this
Jesse Tree will delight the young and putting it together couldn’t be easier. This website gives great instructions, provides full colour graphics – I’m sure your young family will enjoy this study. – also offers an outline for a Jesse Tree Study. It offers a topic, a verse and a figure/picture. This will work well with a slightly older family who wants to discover what the bible has to say by studying God’s word together rather than following a devotional.

Some background reading for the Jesse Tree and another outline

Looking for a creative, yet simple Jesse Tree? I like this simply made wooden tree and earthy looking emblems.

Christmas Music:
Good Christian Men Rejoice is a unit study based on 15 Christmas carols and hymns. It is both comprehensive and flexible; do all 15 songs or choose just one or two. Each beautiful song helps us focus on the reason for the season - our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Colin Buchanan's King of Christmas is a favourite of ours. (Colin is a top Australian Artist and does everything with a unique Aussie flavour.) Though I don't have any lesson notes for you on these songs, the joy and clear message that Christmas is all about Jesus that comes from Colin's music is a great conversation starter with your children.

To read more ideas on Making Christ the center of your Christmas celebrations return to Family Traditions – Christmas.

Live life with your kids!

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