Encourage our Kids

As parents we know we should encourage our children. We should praise them, build them up, reassure them day in and day out. But do we know what we are really doing?

To encourage someone is to "put in courage" when we encourage our children we build them up with courage.

What is courage?

It is not letting fear get in the way
of doing the right thing.

But our kids are not afraid? Oh no?

It takes courage to be obedient when
there is an inner tug to do your own thing.

It takes courage to tell the truth
when your instinct is to protect yourself.

It takes courage to arrive punctually
when you might be the first to arrive.

It takes courage to put something in its right place
when you want to run outside and play.

It takes courage to be thrifty (spend your money wisely)
when everyone else has the latest whiz-bang toy.

It takes courage to be compassionate towards the poor and weak
when others seem to ignore them.

It takes courage to be available to your little sister
when you want to be absorbed in your book.

It takes courage to face a difficult task with determination
When you just want to give up!

You get the picture – living a life of character takes courage and our children need all the building up – putting in courage – that they can get!

Parents: We need to praise our children daily; lift them up for the choices they make day in and day out. Each time we encourage our children we are building their courage for yet another choice to be made another day.

Let us be the encourage-ers in our children’s lives.

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Live life with your kids!

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