Create a Table Centerpiece
for Easter

This table centerpiece is great activity for your younger children to put together. As they create a model of the setting of the Easter story they have something concrete to base the events of the Easter story onto. Having this creation as a table centerpiece will also give your family plenty of opportunity to share your faith over this time with anyone who comes into your home.

We used a foil baking dish and filled it with pebbles and soil. We made a hill to the side. You can plant a garden by using either artificial greenery, or real plants (planted in the portions of egg cartons hidden amongst the pebbles) or use florist oasis to arrange cut greenery/flowers from your garden.

Use a glass or small terracotta pot on its side, nestled into the hill for the tomb. Find a stone to cover the opening. Remember this was a decent size stone – it would have taken a few men to roll it away. Make a pathway from the tomb – use different soil or pebbles (fish tank gravel works well). This is the path that the women and disciples used on Resurrection Sunday.

Make three crosses out of either twigs or large nails. Use string or fine wire to bind the two cross pieces together. Place on the hill.

The few years we did this we had it all ready before Friday, placed the crosses on the hill on Friday morning with our devotions. Sunday morning (before the children woke up) I would roll away the stone and place a small tealight candle in there to illuminate the tomb. Also leaving a few strips of linen adds to the surprise for the children.

If your children are realists you may like to make pipe cleaner men and women to act out the various parts. You could also build a temple if you were going to use this as a back drop to act out the week before Jesus’ death.

Live life with your kids!

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