Our Plans for Celebrating Easter

Easter is a celebration and I want my children to be excited about what Jesus has done for them. The things that we choose to do over the weeks leading up to Easter and the weekend itself, are to keep this in mind.

Reading Stories

I am going to have a couple of read alouds that tell the Easter story from different perspectives, with different application messages. Due to the early date this year, and our family plans(which has made me not ready in time) our study is going to go beyond Resurrection Sunday. Our focus is going to be our heart response to Jesus – I am a sinner and I need Jesus. He is my Saviour. See my book list

As for Easter Eggs

We often have chocolate in our home and for some reason kids just love the egg shape, the wrapping, the hollowness; the novelty I guess. So we often have chocolate eggs in our house before Easter. But on Resurrection Sunday we don’t have them. It has become our tradition to go into the shop on Monday morning and buy eggs then. One year, when Josh and Jess were little they sat down at the Children’s talk at Church and the opening discussion was about how many eggs the Easter Bunny brought. I felt it a shame that we have churches focusing on chocolate rather than the excitement of Jesus alive! I want to do everything that I can to help my children focus on the main thing. My youngest is asking questions about eggs and bunnies. I will be reading him this story:

A gift for everyone

Maybe this started as an alternative to Eggs I’m not sure but it has become our family tradition to take a small gift of Jelly Beans to all the kids at church. During the week our kids make up little bundles of Jelly Beans, one of each colour and print off the little poem that tells the story of redemption through the colours of the Jelly Bean. Go to Jelly Beans tell the story of Redemption

Resurrection Rolls

We love these sticky and very sweet rolls. They do take a little time in preparation so with little kids underfoot and often responsibilities for the church service we have rarely made these for Resurrection Sunday. But that is the idea. These rolls are hollow in the middle making it a perfect object lesson for talking about the empty tomb. We often make these, all in the kitchen together, on Saturday. Click here for the Recipe

Sunrise Celebration

Just as Mary was out and about Sunday morning at sunrise when she first heard the good news we like to bundle up and go and watch the sunrise. It is extra special when we meet with other Christians and sing of Jesus’ Resurrection and then share breakfast together.

School work

The children’s writing will be focused around Jesus last week and His Resurection as well as our response to Him. They will have opportunity to copywrite, or write summaries, or do research. The younger children will do some artwork. But most of our learning will be based on family discussion as it is as we talk about these things that I get the opportunity to speak into their heart and they get the opportunity to make a heart response to Jesus.

Live life with your kids!

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