Easter Jelly Beans
tells the story of Redemption

During the week before Easter our kids make up little bundles of Jelly Beans, one of each colour and print off the little poem that tells the story of redemption through the colours of the Jelly Bean.

Over the years we have used envelopes and printed the poem onto the envelope or small ziplock bags with the poem inserted. Our children have taken these little presents and given them to every child at church on Easter Sunday.

Feel free to cut and paste the poem and make your own inserts.


Little jelly beans, tell a story true
A tale of our Father’s love –

Just for you and me.

Green is for the waving palms
Red is for His precious blood
Black is for the sin He washed from your soul and mine
White is for our hearts now clean from sin
Purple’s for the sadness of His family and friends
And Yellow is for the glory of the day He rose again.

Now you’ve heard the story,
you know what each colour means.
The story of our Father’s love told by some jelly beans.
So every morning take a bean,
they’re really very yummy.
Something for the soul, you see,
and something for the tummy.

Live life with your kids!

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