Easter Family Bible Study

I like to take the month before Easter to instruct my children in the stories building up to Easter and to prepare their hearts for our corporate worship over that weekend. But there is no “rule” that says our instruction and focus can’t go past the dates on a calendar.

Each year I look at my children’s hearts and decide what focus we are going to have:

  • Jesus coming to this world to die for our sins
  • Our response to Jesus
  • The Holy Week and its significance
  • God’s plan for redemption starting from Genesis
  • Passover, the Last Supper and Communion
  • Jesus King of the World, King of my life

My older children could focus on more academic subjects as well, such as:

  • The prophecies that Jesus fulfilled
  • The expectation of the Jews
  • Defending your belief in the Resurrection

Over the years we have used:

  • Children’s Bible Stories. This link has both Children’s Bible stories printed for you read plus teachers notes to help you with the lessons to teach your children.

  • Readings from Scripture and discussions - Blue Letter Bible has listed the events of Jesus' last week by using the Scriptures. This gives a good outline for your daily readings and discussions.

  • Resurrection Eggs – little boxes you open each day to reveal an object, such as a few coins, to remind you of an element of the Easter story. Our family devotion would center around that object for the day. These eggs can be easily and frugally made at home. Follow this link for the instructions. We used little papier mache boxes instead of plastic eggs just because that was all we could find at the time.

  • Create a table Center piece – this is a great activity for the younger children who like hands on activities and who need a physical focus as they listen to stories. Our devotions, the week prior to Easter use this model to play out some of the events.

  • Hymns – We love playing the old hymns in our home. They are so full of truths. Many of them talk of us being sinners, of the blood of Jesus, and His victory at the corss. It is a good time to really look at the words and use them as the basis of your family discussions/devotions.

Practice the traditional Easter greeting: "Christ is risen!" and the reply: "He is risen indeed!" You can say this greeting in a monotone voice and it not touch your heart – but say it with an excited tone, over and over again and it starts to touch your heart!

Live life with your kids!

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