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There are so many Easter activities on the internet, even for a Christian celebration that it can be overwhelming when we try and decide what to do in our own family. My recommendations are:

  1. Set aside whatever time you have – a month, a week, even after Easter itself if you want to.
  2. Prayerfully consider what heart lessons your children need and focus on devotions, and lessons if you are going to do lessons, that give room to address those things
  3. Also take into consideration other aspects of your family life before over committing yourself to wonderful ideas
  4. Realise that all the activities that we can cram into our days will not bring our children’s hearts to Jesus. We need to give ourselves the space necessary so we are free to sit down and talk with our children as they come face to face with God’s love for them.

So choose your activities carefully. There are no spiritual brownie points for doing a full month of Easter based activities. Remember we want our children’s hearts to respond to Jesus. That is our goal.

Easter Resources I have drawn from

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Live life with your kids!

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