Discipleship Approach

We would call our homeschool philosophy the Discipleship Approach. This is in keeping with the Scriptures we have on our hearts for our family. Day to day though, you will find us using many of the learning tools found in a variety of homeschool methods.

What is Discipleship?

It is a lifestyle of mentoring my children in the real activities that happen in life. It is a lifestyle of having my children along side me in every situation – in order to glean wisdom, character, and skills.

I am challenged by the concept to Disciple my children rather than to educate my children. When I think in terms of "educate" I automatically think of academic areas but in my heart, I know the relational, character and life skill are so much of what I want for my children.

Therefore our Discipleship covers the areas of:

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional

    Plus the

  • Moral
  • Practical areas of life

We are training the whole child.

Discipleship is passing on of values,
one generation to the next.

I encourage you to go back to Homeschool, its more than academics and continue to read more about this method for homeschooling.

Read our guiding principles and day by definition that will help you see that this is an intentional plan for educating our children.

Read our scope and sequence and the bible verses that encourage us daily.

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Live life with your kids!

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