Discipleship working Definition

In planning what I want for my children I have to come to the humbling realisation that I am not everything that I want to be. I am a Disciple myself and that is a good place to be! As I grow and change in my own life that is setting the example for my children that they are life-long Disciples of Christ themselves.

  • As I grow in my relationship with God I want to involve my children in that, and call them onto a greater personal relationship with God themselves.

  • As I pursue the purpose God has for my life I want to show the children that they have God given gifts and talents and passions that God has built into them. As I further develop my gifts and talents I want to further the gifts and talents that we see in each of our children.

  • As God uses our family I want to equip our children with the heart and skills to be used by God. I want them to be ready in every aspect of their life – their spiritual maturity, their character, their ability to communicate, think and create.

  • I want the vision that Peter and I have written for our family to be stamped on our children’s hearts so that when the time comes for their own individual families to begin their own identity a little of our identity will be interwoven into the next generation.

  • As I learn to be diligent and consistent with my duties and responsibilities, on the practical side of family life, I want my children to learn not only the character issues, but also the practical skills to be able to help the family, help other families and eventually be responsible for their own family.

  • Each one of the above mentioned areas can be in my life because I have the skills of reading, writing, comprehension, communication, mathematical understanding and general knowledge. Each of these “academic” areas are still growing in my life so as I function in these areas and grow in my understanding and use, my children can be along side me learning, gleaning and encouraging us all onto better understanding.

At the end of each day I can cast an eye over this Discipleship working definition and assess the “success” of our so-called school day.

Knowing when we have had a good day has been one of the biggest mind challenges I have faced as we look at education in a different light. With this list of what Discipleship looks like I can know, in my heart and in my head, that today’s activities have been valuable to the growing up of my children.

Live life with your kids!

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