Conversation at the Family Meal Table

I have this mental picture in my head of my family sitting around the table together discussing stuff; real, meaningful stuff. I know our family is still yet young and these are the skills we are learning though there are times that our mealtime conversation could be a lot more uplifting. There is a time for silliness, there is a time for joking and laughing but… there is also a time for touching each other’s hearts.

This is my goal for our family mealtime.

I know it is my job to instigate this type of conversation – I have to lead my family, be the role model etc but often by the end of the day my brain is dead and I am not sure if I have one more conversation left in me. There have been times though where we have had great table conversation, often prompted by a fitfully asked question.

  • Did you ask a good question today?

  • What did you do today that showed (insert character trait the family is studying)

  • What are you reading at the moment

  • Discuss the current character trait we are studying –
    - Review the definition and opposite trait
    - Discuss application in the family and for the individual
    - Discuss the rewards that are ours when we choose character
    - Offer praise for good character seen (in the family, in books, in movies, in other people)

  • What could I help you with tomorrow?

  • What has God been saying to you?

I have made a prompt chart that sits on our dining room table. This is to help me on those days when silliness abounds and I don’t know how to turn it to edifying conversation. I encourage you to print this out on card, trim it, fold it and have it on your meal table as a reminder.

Live life with your kids!

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