What is Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions is a word coined in the Christian community as the time we spend with God, generally first up in the morning, to read His Word and to Pray.

We know that in order for any relationship to be strong we must treasure it. For our relationship to grow we must spend time together – this is also true with our relationship with God. We must spend time talking and listening to Him just as we do with other people who are precious to us.

The dictionary defines “Devotion” as

  • Profound dedication
  • Earnest attachment to a person
  • An assignment or appropriation to any purpose
  • Often used as a religious observance or worship; a form of prayer or worship.
All these definitions apply to our Daily time:
  • We are dedicated to building a relationship with God
  • We are attached to God and His Word
  • We assign or give of our time to our relationship
  • Our time together is one of worship, one of prayer
We have learnt in our house that our Quiet Times (another word for this time) are to be times of relationship building not necessarily increasing in knowledge. Pursuing knowledge is reserved for our times of Bible Study, either as individuals or as a family. Another dig into the dictionary has helped us define Devotions further.

Devote – give up, (oneself, one’s efforts, a possession) exclusively to a person, purpose or pursuit
Devoted – zealously loyal or loving
Devotee – worshiper of a deity, pursuit of a person
Devotion – devotedness (to), devoutness, self-surrender

Therefore ... My devotions (a time I devote to God) should be focused – exclusively on Him not me!

Immediately I have thoughts such as – where will I get my answers? I want this, I want that! I’m sure these requests are a valid part of a relationship but if I hit my husband with “I need this... this needs to be do... this happen...” Without any of the “I love you... You’re wonderful... Thankyou!” I may as well hire a maintenance man. God is into relationship. A successful relationship will be focused on the other person. It’s not about me!

We need to learn how to worship God, sit in His presence – because He is amazing, not because we need something. We need to learn to soak, to dwell, to praise, to listen. It is this aspect of our relationship that we need to pass onto our children.

Live life with your kids!

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