What Curriculum will teach Responsibilities

How do I choose a good curriculum when I am not confident in these life skills myself?

This question is often asked when I talk to parents about teaching their children to handle the responsibilities of time, money, possessions and work.There are actually two parts to this question:

  1. a good curriculum
  2. lack of confidence on the parents behalf

The best way to learn these Responsibilities is to have to work with these areas, even at a young age. Though there are plenty of choices as far as curriculum and resources go, a mentor who manages their own responsibilities will be the best to guide your children. With a living example in front of them they will learn a lot more than reading a book.

A context is where there is a need
to learn something.

I fully believe in creating a context for our children to learn. With a context they can learn anything; any habit, skill or information.

  • When we give our children time limits or restraints we teach them to manage their time.
  • When we give our children the opportunity to work for pay we teach them to manage their money and they develop a work ethic.
  • When we give our children the responsibility to care for their possessions we teach them to be good stewards of all they have.
  • This is creating a context for them to learn to manage their Responsibilities.

    The second part to this answer deals with feelings of inadequacy. There are many areas of our life that we want to do better in and that we feel inadequate with. Time, Money, Possessions and Work may well summarise the areas of your life that you feel you need to work on. If you rise up and work on these areas you have the opportunity to learn yourself and as you grow you can teach your children two lessons in one shot!

    • First lesson is that these areas of Responsibility are important and need to be learnt.
    • Second lesson is that learning is a life long endeavour.
    Do not be afraid of admitting a lack of your own knowledge, or even self-control. Work on it together, within the secure bounds of your family. This being said, you may well need a resource or a mentor of your own. Be guided by your needs and your family needs before you presume you need a curriculum to guide you through these areas of Responsibilities.

    Live life with your kids!

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