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I share my Christmas Resources here, not to overload you with ideas, but rather to give you a short selection of some of the best ideas I have either found or used in my family. We must remember that we can’t do it all.

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Family Activity Resources
Community Service Ideas
Family Bible Study and Devotions

When we strive to do too much, when we forget the appropriateness of activities for “OUR” family we are on a fast track course to lose our peace. We must plan and organize our celebrations taking our own family into consideration. You have a special set of circumstances, as do I, that will influence our choices. Remember, Christmas is a time that comes around every year so you will get the opportunity to do something else next year when your circumstances may change. Guard your heart against discontent, against striving and competition. This is a time of faith, hope, joy and peace and love because Jesus our Saviour was born.

Keep your spirit gentle,
keep your house peaceful and
keep your heart full of love.

Family Activity Resources

Bible stories, children’s sermons, activities, dramas and more

Celebration Ideas

Background to Traditions listing thoughts on many traditions

Thought provoking Poems and Stories

Stories, dramas, crafts and activities

Advent Calendar with Daily Activities has had many enthusiastic followers but has yet to update the Advent Calendar (2007) You will still be able to glean ideas from the website – just match up the dates yourself!

Colour Pages and More Colour Pages

Nativity Colouring Pages

Christmas Story Lapbook

Christmas Nativity Felt Activity Board

Great for notebook pages and handmade cards.

Christmas activities including memory verses, teacher’s guides and crafts

Community service ideas

Giving to others is a core part of remembering Christ's gift to us. Our family have found local ideas to give to the needy – both with physical and emotional needs. We have also enjoyed putting together Christmas Boxes as a part of the Samaritan’s Purse

Salvation Army We have often joined with our local Salvation Army officers and shopped for food hampers for local families in need. There are many such care giving organizations – find one in your town.

Epiphany – after Christmas

We haven’t celebrated Epiphany in our home before though I intend to this year. Epiphany, meaning “shining out” celebrates the revelation of Jesus to mankind. Over the course of church history this has been remembered with different events in Christ’s life – from the visit of the Wisemen, or Jesus’ baptism or the Wedding at Cana. In each of these events Jesus is being revealed, as the son of God, to mankind.

As we continue to celebrate the incarnation (after Christmas) we will be making a connection between the birth of Jesus and the death of Jesus (Easter). It was during his years on earth that he gave His people a mission (to go out into all the world), and He showed us how to live until His second coming.

I have two reasons desire to continue our “Christmas” studies till the 12 Days of Christmas (January 6th)

  1. To keep our focus on Jesus (not presents) and the consequent depletion that often comes after a lot of gifts are exchanged.
  2. To continue with intentional spiritual lessons during a time when it is easy to let it go.

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A page of ideas and links

Family Bible Study and Devotions

See Familiy Bible Study at Christmas Time for my favourites.

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