Christmas Lesson Plans

My Christmas lesson plans are really discussion notes that I hope will inspire you to discuss various topics as you read beautiful books to your children this season.

One of the habits of a homeschool family is to read aloud. Some families read for hours a day, and others, like ours, reads one or two times a day for short sessions. This Christmas time I intend to read a selection of stories, mostly picture books daily to my children. The older ones will join in as I have discovered beautiful stories that touch the heart, regardless of your age.

During any read aloud my children will add comment, ask questions, discuss a thought – it seems to be our habit to talk through a book. This may drive some families nuts but it is our family way. When we are finished a story the conversation continues. The younger ones will be asked to give a narration and then I invite the older ones to add anything to our conversation. I start with the youngest so they have an opportunity to say something the family can build on therefore allowing the younger ones to be involved in the family conversation. There are times when the younger ones are excused from an older conversation topic but most times they remain and listen and learn from others.

Conversations such as these are central to the idea of discipling your children. Conversations give you a window into your child's heart - we must speak into it when we get that opportunity.

We take the month of December to focus on these books. We don't discuss every truth that we discover in the book - some of these stories are so simple and yet the message is profound - but we do come away being reminded of God, and His involvement in our lives.

Because these stories are touching our hearts we find ourselves reflecting on them throughout the day. We refer to both the story and the truth as we find ourselves in various situations. In our homeschooling, in our parenting, we want to pursue wisdom, not just knowledge. My definition of wisdom is

Wisdom = Practical application of knowing Jesus.

At the end of every devotional, at the end of every read aloud session, have we found wisdom?

Our Christmas Book List

There are so many lovely stories that can both prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus as well as remind us of the nativity story itself and all the hope and promise that it brings.

A Christmas Journey, by Susie Poole
The Tale of Three Trees, retold by Angela Elwell Hunt
An Angel's Story, by Max Lucado
The Legend of the Candy Cane, by Helen Haidle

Other titles in our Reading Box:
Jacob’s Gift, by Max Lucado
Tell Me the Story, by Max Lucado
The Crippled Lamb, by Max Lucado
The Gift of the Magi, by Penelope J Stockes
The Christmas Candle, by Max Lucado (audio CD)
Christmas Legends to Remember, by Helen Haidle
The Case for Christmas, by Lee Strobel

Family DVDs
The Tale of Three Trees
The Star of Christmas (Veggie Tales)
Alabaster’s Song, by Max Lucado

Family Lesson Notes

As you click on each title above you will find my notes. These notes are simply the topics and opportunities that I see in each book that we could talk over with our children. I expect there to be the occasional academic study – Where is Bethlehem? Who was Herod? How long did their journey take etc. Mostly though, I am after wisdom ideas – How does this affect my life, and the life of my children?

I have not given you whole lesson plans as I have found the most significant and life giving lessons I have with my children are the ones where I put in the heart-study first. I must prepare my heart with the things God has for me to teach my children, to be prepared for the teaching moments that come our way. Curriculum and other lesson plans work well at times, but I have found nothing replaces a lesson taught from a parent’s heart. So take these notes, read the story, and ponder and pray and see what God reveals to you to teach to your family.

In our family, we use discussions as the starting point for writing lessons. Writing is just the words we say on paper. So often children need to get the thoughts by talking and then they can go and write it out. In our family we have people at different points in their writing abilities so we call the whole process “Notebooking”. One child may narrate a sentence or two to me, they may be disjointed, or they may include extra thoughts, either way their thoughts/words are valid so I write them down as their Notebook page. Another student may well go and research a thought and type a whole page, or two, based on his research, thoughts and insights. Both extremes are encouraged; both styles, and all in between, are Notebooking.

My goal this year, for the month of December, is to read to my children something from our Christmas book collection, to discuss what we read and to notebook it. At the end of December each child will have completed a mini-notebook full of memories of great stories and yet more importantly they will have a record of the important things of the heart that we spoke about. It is these heart journeys that are important – the pursuit of wisdom.

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