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Legend of the Candy Cane

My Christmas lesson plans are really discussion notes that I hope will inspire you to discuss various topics as you read beautiful books to your children this season. To read more about why these notes refer to Christmas Lesson Plans.

25345: Christmas Legends to RememberChristmas Legends to Remember
By Helen Haidle / David C. Cook

From award-winning children's author Helen Haidle comes three classic short story "legends" about the origin of the candy cane, the Christmas tree, and St. Nicholas that children and adults alike will love! As a bonus, the known true history of these three Christmas traditions is included in a special section. Readers will want to make this classic looking book a treasure in their family for years to come.

This book is also available, in Australia at Koorong

The Legend of the Candy Cane was delightful to read. As one of my children said, it told a good story where you could imagine it but it told really good meanings too.

The truths that we either discussed or could discuss:

  • Symbolism of the Candy Cane itself: Jesus is our Rock, He is our Shepherd, He is pure. He loves us and died for us.
  • We can’t do everything by ourselves – God is waiting for us to ask Him for help – He will provide for us, answer our prayers.
  • Giving – The story encouraged us to look to see people around us who may have needs and how we could help them - in simple and practical ways.
  • Because this is a legend we discussed the factual history of the Candy Cane which opened discussion on how legends start and are the different stories really conflicting?
The main character of this story, Martin, just lost his wife of many years. His loneliness as he misses his wife this Christmas time is a real part of the story. To me, it was very poignant, as I reflected on my own marriage and how we mean so much to each other. To a family who is experiencing this grief personally it maybe tough going.

This book holds three legends:

  • The Legend of the Candy Cane
  • The Legend of the Christmas Tree and
  • The Legend of St. Nicholas
Notes on these next two stories will comes soon after we have read them.

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