Christmas Debrief

We spend a lot of time building up to Christmas, not just the spiritual side of preparing our children’s hearts, but also the physical side of family traditions and celebrations. I find it helpful to take an hour or so while the family is relaxing on Boxing Day (or the day after) and take stock of how things went - my Christmas Debrief.

Painted angels by Nomi

I ask myself:

  • What went well?
  • What didn’t go so well?
  • What lessons can I learn from that?
  • What changes do I want to make for next time?

I ask myself these questions for every aspect of our celebrations –

  • The traditions we maintained
  • New activities that may become traditions
  • How I managed our time – both in the build up and on the day itself
  • The spirit in our home, in our hearts
  • Our devotional time
  • Our community involvement and service opportunities
  • Gifts we gave
  • Parties we threw

My goal is to learn from my mistakes and to continue in the things that were a success. Once they are written down I can refer to them next year as I start to plan the coming celebration.

My Christmas Notebook

This is the last part of my debrief - setting up my notebook for next year's celebrations. I have chosen a small (a6) spiral bound notebook so it can fit in my handbag. I chose the spiral binding so I can tear pages out as I accomplish things next year. The first entry is my Debrief thoughts, this way these notes will be there to help me set realistic goals for next year.

As I take down my decorations I will take note of any that need repairing (ideally repairing them before I put them away) and writing down any decorations that need replacing (such as lights). I could possibly pick up replacements in sales that are happening now saving both time and money come December next year.

Setting up my Notebook now means that I have somewhere to start recording

  • gift ideas (and purchases) for presents as the year progresses
  • new activities that I want to introduce to my family and
  • any other thoughts that come across my mind such as community service and the like.

My plan is to simplify and be realistic. The Notebook will be my key tool to help this happen.

What about you?

  • So how was your Celebrations?
  • What went well?
  • What didn’t do so good?
  • What do you want to change for next year?

I encourage you to find a small notebook, and write down your thoughts - giving yourself a kick start for Christmas 2008!!

Live life with your kids!

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