A few Thoughts on Busyness
and how if Affects our Family

Busyness is it a good thing or a bad? We need to be productive but so often busyness is focusing our energies on things that aren't our priorities. It creates a flurry of activity but when we sit back and reflect I wonder how productive that time really was.

Here are a few thoughts miscellaneous thoughts on the topic (which may well be added to over time.)

No matter how busy you are,
you must take time
to make the other person
feel important.
Mary Kay Ash
business woman, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

I thought of my children when I read this. Some times our days are so full of activity that we forget the feelings of our children. We forget to show them we love them, we forget to show them that they are an important to us. This morning I took a break from my writing and made ‘froth’ for the boy’s hot chocolates. They are both up early and it was a treat to have a hot chocolate. It took all of 5 minutes to make it extra nice for them. It was an act of love – a break away from my busyness, time to focus on what is really important.

Beware of the barrenness of a busy life
- Socrates

This is also a challenging thought. We fill our days with productivity, busyness, activity and yet are all these activities producing the things that we value? Are they enhancing relationships? Are they building character? Are they developing a love of God?

A life without God is truly barren!

This doesn’t mean we don’t do the dishes, because they are a meaningless task, but rather we use the dishes as an opportunity to thank God for the food we have eaten. We work in our God enjoying God’s creation. We read good books, learning about God’s truths and hand in His people’s lives. We care for people because God cares for people. God has a purpose for every activity in our life, are we aware what that purpose is?

Live life with your kids!

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