Blending Life and Lessons

Does everyday life challenge your homeschool ideal?

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blending life and lessons

If your family is anything like mine you'll have times in your life that seem crazy:

  • You go through house renovations
  • You go on holidays or friends drop in,
  • You find frogs in your shower (well, this won’t happen unless you live in the tropics!)
  • Does your husband come home from a week at work and decides to take the family camping at a moment’s notice, or
  • Do you have days that are just so hot swimming seems to be the only thing to do?

Your family life will differ from mine, but you get the idea – life brings its interruptions and there are days when we just wish the world would stop so we could homeschool!

It wasn’t until I changed my mindset, the things that happen up in my head, that I could see these so called interruptions for what they truly were. I would like to share with you my journey: the thought processes and the mind-washes that have been necessary as I started to change my mindset about having my children at home.

As I share my stories and the things that have helped me, I hope to inspire you to see that discipling your children can be done in today’s busy life.

Find that balance in your family.

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