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Have you guys ever seen The Old Schoolhouse Magazine? It is a big one in homeschool circles in the States. But as an Australian I have often wondered about the value of it – I have enjoyed a few complimentary issues I've received along the way but the idea of international postage and consequent delay has always been offputting. So when I received news that they were going digital I was excited.

I've viewed their online sample and it was great. I flipped through the pages, as if I was reading a magazine; I read articles written by real homeschoolers with a variety of situations, all very encouraging. I clicked on links which opened resources I hadn't heard of before some of which I will dig into further. I spent a couple of hours on my first flip through but the magazine is so full of articles, ideas and encouragements that I will be downloading an offline version to continue reading throughout the coming months.

The articles were full of relevance regardless of what country you live in. The advertising, well, that depends on how much you source from overseas. I found the articles themselves well worth the subscription.

I encourage you to read what TOS has to say, view their sample and give them a go….


Live life with your Kids!

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