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What type of Mum do you want to be? - Issue 341
May 09, 2014
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This weekend we celebrate Mother’s Day. Some people may think it is all commercial hype but the way I see it is, regardless of the commercialism it is a good prompt to pause and reflect on motherhood; on the relationship you have with your own mother, and the blessing you wish to be as a mother. I am blessed to have a great relationship with my Mum, she is my best friend, and I am very thankful for her. You may not have that type of relationship with your mum but I hope you have an older woman who has influenced you in some way over the years, that you can be thankful for.

This week gone, we celebrated Joshua’s 21st. Josh is a boy who doesn’t like fuss, so things were pretty low key. We had a family breakfast, and then he spent his day with a friend playing strategy games both on the computer and on the board. In the afternoon, when the girls were available, they all watched the Hobbit, before Josh and Jacob picked up another game for the evening. We are celebrating again (also low key) with some friends this evening.

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This week I also wrote Health and Physical Education for the Homeschool Family, looking for ways to incorporate this subject into our family life.

What type of Mum do you want to be?

What type of mum are you? What type of mum do you want to be? We can have airy-fairy ideas of what the ideal mum is like, and we may strive and struggle to be her but in the meantime we are probably missing precious moments of being with the very people that make us a mum! We need to have realistic idea of what a mum is, and keep that in our minds.

As mum we can have expectations on ourselves on how we keep a clean house, how we cook nutritious meals, how we do things for our kids. And being a mum probably does involve those things but are they the things you want your kids to say about you when they stand up and call you blessed. (Prov 31:28)

What do I want my kids to say of me, to know of me? What are the things I want to be characterised by as a mother? I would rather my kids say I was hospitable over saying I was a good housekeeper. I would rather them say that I enjoyed a good laugh instead of them commenting on the fancy food I cooked. I would rather them say I made them think and talk instead of them remembering that I blogged.

Here are five things I want to be characterised by as a mum:

  • Loving Jesus. I want my kids to know that I love Jesus. I want them to see this in the way that I spend my time, the way that I show love to them and to others, the way that I think about the world.

  • Being content. My attitude about life will be influencing my kids’ choices, the choices they make in the future. Will they have the courage to go to new places, will they have the peace to handle crisis, will they have the resourcefulness to deal with tight spots? I hope so… I believe that my contentment in those situations will not only create a peaceful home for them to grow up in, but it sets the example that our contentment doesn’t come from a wonderful perfect life(imagined and preconceived), but rather comes from knowing a wonderful God.

  • Being available. The biggest danger to being available to our kids is our busyness. Housework, hospitality, helping others, our own hobbies and friends can quickly take the few extra moments that our kids need. Sometimes the window into our kid’s heart is open for just a short moment, I don’t want to miss that. I know that I have other responsibilities and other spheres in my life, and I do need to balance all of those, but not at the cost of being there for my kids.

  • Being wise. It sounds odd to my ears to hear myself saying “I want to be wise” but I do. I want to be available to my kids, to listen to them, and to be able to discern wisdom to share. I want to know God’s word, and to be able to apply it to life. I want to speak God’s word to teach, correct, train my kids (2 Tim 3:16)

  • Being gracious. I want my kids to know truth, and understand and live grace. I want them to see that in me – to see it in our daily dealings. I don’t want to be demanding, harsh, angry mum – I want to be a mum that breathes life into our every day: breathes life with the words I say and the things I do. I want to be heart focused instead of rules focused, I want to be relational rather than task orientated. I want to be forgiving and kind towards my kids (sometimes we are more forgiving and kind towards our neighbour!) I want them to know that I love them dearly.

These are the things I want in my life. Sure, I need to keep the house clean and healthy food on the table, but those things serve the important things in my life – my responsibility to care and protect my children, my responsibility to train them in righteousness. I don’t want to get my priorities wrong, and how we envisage ourselves, or how we envisage how we should be, will affect how comfortable we are with being a mum.

I love being a mum.
I love my children.
I want to be the mum that will help them be all that they can be.

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