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Be Resourceful - Get the Job Done! - Issue 332
February 07, 2014
Hi there! ....

This week was supposed to be our fully geared up ready to go first week of study! But it wasn’t! Both Nomi and Daniel spent more days sick than well this week. We had one day where they just watched DVDs and rested. Another day they tried to focus for a little while, but I doubt it was productive, and then they played a game together with Peter. This week marked the beginning of after school activities in our town, so the young girls Bible study started up (Jess helps lead this, and Nomi attends) and a young boys study started for the first time (Josh is going to be a helper as well, and Daniel is joining in). Taekwondo also started but Daniel wasn’t well enough, and Josh had an exam essay to finish so that will start for them next week. It has been tricky to work out who needs to be where when, who needs the car and how we can minimise all the coming back and forth! But I guess the biggest news of all this week has been the rain – I know I’ve mentioned the rain in the last 2 or 3 newsletter but this time it was a lot of rain. One night we had a bit more than 4” overnight and then it continued to rain all day. Lots of rain. A great wet season. Makes the locals smile!

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Be Resourceful - Get the Job Done

One of the TV heroes that we have enjoyed with our kids is MacGyver. He manages to solve the trickiest of problems with a pocketknife and some duct tape – and all sorts of other odd bits and pieces he has in his pocket at the time. He is resourceful (to say the least!) Even as we laugh at the impossibility of what he does, we are impressed by his ingenuity, by his knowledge of how things work, and his quick thinking. How would we respond in such a situation?

To be honest, I hope I never find myself in such a situation – but I do find myself in the middle of my life. The skills that MacGyver possesses, are the skills I need, they are the skills that my children need. We need to be resourceful: quick thinking, knowledgeable and creative. We need to use whatever we have to get the job done*!

We often consider ‘resources’ in terms of money and the Bible does have a lot to say about money - for truly how we value money does reflect our values, our priorities, our heart. Some consistent themes through the Bible in terms of money are:

  • Everything belongs to the Lord
  • We need to be producers (be fruitful and multiply)
  • We need to use what we have to care for the needs of others
  • We need to trust God to provide

But we have been given much more than money. I think we can comfortably take those principles and apply it to all the resources God has given us:

  • Money and Possessions
  • Time
  • Our body and our energy
  • Talents and abilities
  • This world and all it contains

These resources that God has given me are to get my job done. The next question is – what is the job I need to do? The challenges and tasks we each face will be different from each other – and the resources we have to help get the job will also vary family to family, individual to individual.

The tasks for me – at this moment are:

  • To build relationships with my family, my church family, and those I connect with
  • To create a home, where my family feels loved, and others are welcomed
  • To encourage families as they guide and disciple their children
  • To manage the spending of finances

Each one of these objectives have several tasks – but listing these ideas here is enough of a prompt to ask myself – am I using my resources, what God has given me, wisely or am I wasting them? Am I using my time wisely when it comes to building relationships? Am I using my energy wisely (or do I consume my energies with sugar highs/lows?) Is my home ready to be filled with people, or ready to welcome in one person for a few hours who needs a safe haven? Or is it too cluttered with unfinished projects and stuff?

Another way to look at the tasks that I need to do is to be aware of the needs around me. Just recently we have talked as a family about being aware of needs as we talk to people and being committed to meeting those needs. Needs come in all shapes and sizes – sometimes the answers to people’s needs are found with spending money, other times, it is about spending time, energy, or giving of our specific gifts. Do we have enough space in our lives to be able to meet the needs of others or are our resources running low?

God hasn’t given me these things – money, time, energy, abilities, - just for my own good pleasure. He has given them to me so that I can glorify Him, so that I can reflect Christ here on earth.

*Resourcefulness: Using what you have to get the job done (definition by Family Times)

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