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Do you Talk Jesus - Issue 317
October 04, 2013
Hi there! ....

This week Peter arrived home from a work/training time in Nepal and was under quarantine so couldn’t work, so we went camping with friends. It always is great to get away from phones and all those little jobs that keep calling you! Though it was fairly hot we had a great time of doing nothing much. We swam, talked, and played a few board games. We had Toddler with us, which changed family camping dynamics a little but overall she did well, as did we all! When we are out camping we always wonder why we don’t do it more often. You can see a few pics on my blog.

Once we came home Peter spent a day with Daniel putting the finishing touches to a go-cart. As Daniel whizzes around the farm I have to remember that as a boy he needs to learn to assess and manage risk and that it is all okay!!

This week I started a 31 days series – Living with a Toddler for 31 days – you can find the overview here.

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Do you Talk Jesus

Towards the end of last year I made a suggestion that our church family shares more testimonies – it was then suggested that because I had the idea that I be the first to share. Much to my shame it has taken me 10 months to get that sorted! Of course there are all sorts of excuses but the one that gets at me is that I struggled to know what to share.

We often think of a testimony in terms of someone’s salvation story – of the events surrounding the time when Jesus captured your heart. They are great stories. But a testimony is broader than that. A testimony is sharing the things that God has done for you. Yes, Jesus came into my life, but that isn’t the end of the story – he walks with me day by day, and I should be able to talk to people about that.

I have been very challenged with this.

When my friends and I get together for a cuppa we have plenty to talk about – we talk about the antics of our kids, we talk about the latest recipe or creative idea we’ve been inspired by, we talk about some of the things we struggle with, about the things we’ve been reading. But do we talk about Jesus?

When my mum and dad were new Christians getting together with other Christians was something they delighted in and they would share and listen to testimonies – the things Jesus was doing in everyone’s lives. This was a part of their normal Christian experience. Another thing that I have picked up from my mum was that she read biographies – in fact biographies were on the most part what Christians read (there wasn’t the huge Christian self-help books or novels that we have on offer today). Christian biographies are testimonies – the story of God’s faithfulness in someone’s life.

Do I recognise God’s faithfulness in my life – in the little details as well as the big wow stories? Am I prepared to be honest to my friends? To my church-family?

I know public speaking is one of the most feared activities in the world – I’ve read that people would prefer to go to their own funeral than stand in front of people. But I think we have the wrong understanding of what we are doing here. We don’t all have to stand in front of an assembly and give a defence of our belief in Jesus (like Paul did) – but we do need to talk to our friends. Jesus needs to be a part of our conversation.

One of the verses that prompted us to share of God’s goodness after our third child, Naomi, had a tumour and treatment was: And you will say in that day: "Give thanks to the LORD, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the peoples; proclaim that his name is exalted. Isaiah 12:4

But God is in the small as much as He is in the big.

Am I prepared to give thanks to the Lord for all that he has done in my life (not just salvation, not just big miracles, but all…?) Am I prepared to tell others that I am weak, and I indeed do call upon his name? Am I prepared to stand in front of family, friends, or church-family and tell of the good things he has done?

I cannot go through this thinking process and not think how this affects my family. Do I talk Jesus with my kids? I know I talk about the stuff of the Bible, but do I talk about my relationship with Jesus with my kids? Do I talk about my reliance upon him? Do I talk about His faithfulness to me? I need to.

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