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It takes Effort - Issue 278
December 07, 2012
Hi there! ....

I think the thing that has described my week is being in the car driving in and out to town - a couple of times each day! I don't really like weeks like that - I am so looking forward to mornings spent at home with my kids. Maybe this week! One highlight for me was spending one evening listening to a sermon preached by Josh Harris with my girls. It is times like this that make me aware of the preciousness of having my older kids at home.

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It takes Effort

Where we live it gets very hot and muggy at this time of year. The seasonal work, in various industries, is almost over and people are tired. It is very easy to drop your bundle so to speak and just get through each day. But parenting is a 24/7, 12 months of the year, for the rest of your life kind of thing. We need to be available to our kids and that takes effort.

When I say we need to be available it doesn't mean we meet their every whim but rather we are available for the task we've been given – to teach and train them in the ways of the Lord.

Ephesians 6:4b
… but bring them up in the discipline and instruction
of the Lord.

  • It involves our mind – we have to be thinking parents. We have to understand God’s word ourselves if we are to pass it onto our kids. We need to understand our kids if we are to find the right way to communicate truths to them and each child is different. We need to discern which is the important battle, which battle will win the war in their heart.

  • Our time – parenting is not something we do on the side, when we have a moment. Parenting is full time. If we don’t have enough time to help our kids understand how God’s word affects their life, and then help them put that into practice we have too much on our plate, and though it is hard to let certain commitments or projects go we must do it if we are going to give our children the instruction they need.

  • Our energy – I’m sure we all know how tiring parenting can be – but we need to find a way to rise above the feelings of exhaustion at times and be there for our child. It takes energy. It means we need to look after ourselves, and manage our time (especially in the areas of sleep, exercise and food) so that we have what it takes. We also need to watch what we spend our energies on – maybe our priorities are out of whack, leaving only the left overs for our family.

  • Our attitude – If we don’t think training our children is important – more important than any other ministry, project or activity then we will never be able to give them consistent training – other stuff will always get in the way.

This has been something I have been personally challenged with this week. I set aside time every day to work on a Christmas gift and yet I didn’t get to that project once, not once in five days. On the one hand that is very frustrating but on the other when I consider the nature of those ‘interruptions’ I have to be content to know that I was really working on the most important things – my children’s hearts. Their lives needed me at that moment and I know I made the right choices. But here at the end of the week, I need to remind myself that those things were important, that those conversations and activities were the most important things I could have done this week. The Christmas present may just be late this year!

This isn't to say that we don’t make time for other things in our life – we do need to keep a balance with all the different spheres in our life: I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a homemaker, a friend etc and I need to give to each of those roles for sure.

One thing that helps keep these different areas in balance is to have a big picture – to see that there are seasons in life that will require different effort in different areas. What is the primary need you have in this season of your life – for me it is my children. I will never have the same opportunities as I have now to impact their life: to shape their belief system, to encourage their passions and to build a relationship with them. I cannot afford to let other things get in the way – I must put in the effort today.

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