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Living as a Christian - Issue 273
November 02, 2012
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This week we have been made aware of the important things in life - and how easy it is to be distracted from making those things count. Peter has spent the week on the other side of the country with his parents - his dad had a stroke a while back and you suddenly realise, he is getting old and how precious he is to us. A friend's nephew died in the storm that hit America - so sudden, no goodbyes for his immediate family (and the same for the many others that died too) and you realise that life is short and though it sounds trite we do need to make the most of it. Then we've heard a young man from town who has been in a coma through a motorbike accident. How my heart hurts for his family as they sit by his bedside not knowing what his future holds. This isn't meant to be a gloomy opening to my newsletter but rather a reminder for us all: parents grow old, our children grow up, life happens and comes to an end. God is in control, He still exists even when these things happen. Do we believe it? How easy it is to get our heart heavy because of the things happening around us but Jesus is Lord, we must remember this. But He is also our brother, and friend. He is with us, and will never leave us.

Live life with your kids!

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I am nearly at the end of the 31 days series: Living a Family Life. Today's newsletter is one of these posts from this last week. You can read the series here.

Living as a Christian

The purpose of man, the purpose of our family is to glorify God. We were made for God’s glory (Isaiah 43:7) and we are to do all that we do for the glory of God. (1 Cor 10:31).

Glory means to reflect, to show, to demonstrate the image of a person (God). When we live our life to bring glory to God what we are doing is reflecting God’s character, His qualities, His ways to all those around us.

We need to introduce our God to our children. As they get to know him as a loving, just, and faithful God they will respond to him. They will understand that they are sinners – yes, even though they may well have good character and often do the right thing, their heart is self-focused instead of God-focused. Our children need to recognise that they are sinners and they need Jesus.

They then need to be discipled – just as any new Christian needs to be strengthened in their faith – to mature and know His ways. They need to be able to live a life as a Christian – a follower of Christ – a reflection of God. They need to be able to see how God is involved in every area of their life.

Though we always need to be reflecting Jesus ourselves, pointing our children to the true source, we have been given the responsibility to teach and train our children. The first step in this is that we live our life as a reflection of God – that everything we do reflects God’s character, qualities and ways. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect before we teach and disciple our children – He knew very well that the disciples were far from perfect and yet he sent them forth into all the world to teach and disciple. The same call is on us.

The question is: As a Christian how are you going to live? How are you going to treat women, relate to men, dress and present yourself, work and play, manage your finances and time, parent your kids, be hospitable? If we are to reflect God in all we do – then the way we do these thing, these everyday things, need to reflect God’s character, qualities, and ways. It isn’t about going to church on Sundays, and not doing certain things like drinking, smoking and dancing but rather it is about the things we do do.

As we set our hearts (our mind, character, passions, emotions etc) on Christ, and become more like him we become ambassadors for Christ (2 Cor 5:20, Eph 6:20). It is like wearing a badge on our lapel that tells everyone where our allegiances are. We need to always represent our King and His kingdom.

This is the foundation of our family identity. What a joy it is to walk with our kids belonging to the same family – God’s family!

Living a Family life is a series of thoughts that I need to remind myself of so I thought I'd share them for my readers too! Family living is so challenged these days: we are busy, there are so many demands on our time, energy, resources that sometimes family life slips through and just becomes mundane. I want our family life to be alive - this series explores some of the practices and some of the beliefs that will help that happen. 31 days of Family Living

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