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Need to Recharge - Issue 270
October 05, 2012
Hi there! ....

I'm at the end of this week and I am laughing at myself. The local schools have just completed their first week of holidays and I had made the decision we wouldn't take a break this time but here we are - end of week 1 and not one day has been consistent, the kids have hardly sat at their desks, and life just rolls on!! This happens every school holidays - I don't know why I even try to ignore it. Though we personally don't take school holidays (we don't go to school!!) I find these times are a great opportunity for the kids to catch up with their friends who do go to school. I can see now that next week is going to be the same! It doesn't really matter because as long as my children are productively occupied, either by themselves, with family or with friends, they are growing in the things that they have to learn.

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This week I began a 31 days series on my blog called Living a Family Life. It is about finding ways to make time for relationships and being intentional about using that time!

Today's newsletter is one of these posts. You can read the others in the series here.

We Need to Recharge

There is always something to do. Lists keep me on track to the point that today I find myself with a list of the things I want to do in my times of rest! Over the last 12 months our family has been reconsidering what rest means and what it looks like.

Rest is a pause in our regular activities where we recharge so that we are ready to go on with the tasks at hand.

When I try to redefine or clarify a concept I like to look at synonyms – to me this helps paint a bigger picture of what I’m thinking about. When we look at the word rest we find other words like respite, relaxation, cessation, repose, time-out, sleep.

But when we look at the purpose of rest – which is to recharge we find a completely different picture: renew, refresh, boost, revive, revitalize, restore, rejuvenate, repair, replenish, restart.

The words for rest seem to be inactive, the words for recharge seem more active. We need to remember that the purpose of rest is so we can get back to it. What helps you be ready for the task at hand? This will no doubt look different at different seasons of life. The key ideas that have changed our family is that rest isn’t just physical rest, and it doesn't have to be doing nothing. Regardless of how we rest, or recharge, we need to get up knowing we are ready to put the hand to the plow once again.

Things we do to recharge in our family:

  • Watch a DVD, play a board game or play on the wii
  • Have a friend over or go visit with a friend
  • Gardening, Crafting, Writing, Scrapbooking, Movie making,
  • Sit outside with a cuppa, watch the sunset
  • Drink more water, eat a piece of fruit
  • Quiet time for everyone – no-one interrupts no-one!
  • Make a phonecall and chat with a friend (or my mother)
  • Go for a walk, go for a picnic, get outdoors
  • Listen to worshipful music
  • Sit down and talk to each other, have a laugh together
  • Take a bath (Simply going to the bathroom with no interruptions can be restful! LOL)
  • Read or listen to an audio story
  • Put on a smile

Jesus recognised the need for rest – he encouraged his disciples to come away from the normal pressures, to eat food and to spend time together. Mark 6:31 And he said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.” For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat.

Rest doesn't have to be sedate or solitary but it does need to recharge the body, soul and spirit.

This weekend I intend to recharge by sitting with my kids while they play on the wii, sharing dinner with a friend, scrapbooking, catching up with friends at church, and coffee or lunch date with my husband.

Do you have times of rest planned this weekend – if you don’t plan it, life will just take over!

The topic of rest was covered in my Heart Conversations series: Rest, Leisure and Having Fun

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