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Heart Focus Homeschool - Issue 262
August 17, 2012
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Our family is on a six week overseas adventure visiting Turkey, Italy and Switzerland. I am taking a bit of a break from my regular blogging and newsletter writing schedule to enjoy this time with my family. So I have scheduled this newsletter to arrive in your inbox - it is a reprint, but one I hope will be as helpful today as when it was written.

We hope to be blogging as a family on our trip so pop over to our Not a Holiday blog and see what we've been upto.

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The Heart Focus Homeschool

What dictates the decisions you make about educating your children?

Jesus made it very clear that God considers the heart. It is our responsibility (and privilege) as parents to guide and teach our children’s hearts so that they are aware of God and His word. It is an exciting thing when a child responds to Jesus, and acknowledges his need of a saviour. It is exciting to see our children choose to walk with Jesus, and commit themselves to becoming more and more like their Lord.

  • Are there things in your day that makes it hard to find time to focus on the heart?
  • When you put your daily routine together what where you aiming for? Peace? Productivity? Or time to train your children’s hearts?
  • When you chose your homeschool curriculum and resources what was your main concern? Academic success or a relationship with God?
  • When you let your child participate in a particular activity, did you ask yourself, “How will this affect their heart?”

These are hard questions. It takes times to disciple – Jesus had three years to mould his disciples and then they had to be ready to take His message to the world. We are likely to have more than three years with our children, and yet are we as intentional and focused as Jesus was?

For I have not spoken on My own authority;
but the Father who sent Me gave Me a command,
what I should say and what I should speak.
John 12:49

Jesus constantly claimed that He only did that which His Father told him. We may not know exactly what is ahead for our children and yet God can direct us and guide us in the specific things that our children need now in order to be prepared for God’s purposes in times to come.

Have you asked God what he wants your child to know?
God can show you

  • a character weakness that needs to be addressed
  • what social skills need to be developed
  • what practical skills need to be mastered
  • God can show you what subjects need to be learnt
We need to ask Him for these answers with an open heart – not thinking we already know, but with a blank page so to speak; let God draw the picture. We may not be able to see the whole picture at this stage, but we need to trust in God as the master artist.

Though we know that our child’s hearts is the most important thing so often we let other issues determine the training of our children:

  • Expectations of others
  • Popular curriculum or homeschooling methods
  • Comparisons with the school system
  • Predetermined ideas and/or plans
  • Comparisons with other homeschool families
  • Demands of our daily routine

We need to recognise the things that are in our life that are hindering us from focusing on our child’s heart towards God. We need to know, really know, what it is that God wants from us, so that we can withstand the temptation to take another path. It isn’t a question of what methods we use, but rather are we taking the time to disciple our children’s hearts that they may become more like Christ.

Though we may know that God is after the heart, so often our parenting settles for the quick fix of external behaviour. Our role as parents is to turn our children’s hearts towards God; that they may know Him, hear His voice, and choose to walk in His ways. Heart Focus Parenting is a collection of articles and thoughts to encourage parents to keep their focus on their children’s hearts day in and day out.

The Heart Focus: What does it mean to reach the heart of a child?

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