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Are you Inspired? - Issue 252
June 08, 2012
Hi there! ....

This week The highlight for us this week was our homeschool co-op activity. Last year we (as a group) won the Under 18’s display at the local Agricultural Show. So this week we spent our prize money on a morning of canoeing. The ‘guide’ was so helpful and flexible and was able to work with our large family based group. We had kids from 4 up to 15 all having a go. It was so exciting to see kids who were tentative become bold and the confident kids grow in skill. The kids looked out for each other, encouraged each other and generally had a good time! Live life with your kids!

If you are an Australian reader I would appreciate you reading this special request.

One week to go till the Mum Heart Conference website I'm praying for a time of encouragement for all who come.

Are you Inspired?

To be inspired means you have an idea that is pounding in your life – it propels you towards creativity, enthusiasm and diligence. When something inspires us we are captivated and committed.

Are you inspired?

Has your relationship with Jesus inspired you? When I accept who Jesus is (the son of God) and what he has done for me (given me a new life free from my sin) then I start to look at everything differently. As I talk to Jesus throughout my day I start to respond to things differently. Jesus gives me purpose for what I do and encouragement to keep on going.

Does the Word of God inspire you? Do you read what God has to say and are stirred to respond either in attitude or action? If the Bible is ho-hum to you then ask God to stir your heart, to give you a love for His Word, a passion to read it every day. In a sermon we heard a while back we were encouraged with this little ditty: Bible before Breakfast. God can stir your heart to make that your own standard you live by - not as a rule, but because your heart hungers to be with God.

When Jesus inspires us (captivates our heart) he sends us out with a purpose. He answers those questions – who am I and why am I here? Are you in tune with the purpose God has for your life? You, like Peter and I may not know the whole pictures, but we do know some of God’s purpose for us as his children.

If we live our life just to get by then we are missing something that God has for us. I want my children to know that God has a purpose for us as a family, and for them as individuals.

The purpose has to be bigger than just the things that we are doing. We are doing those things because there is a reason – a reason for:

  • being married
  • for belonging to a church
  • for homeschooling
  • for opening our home to others
  • for blogging
  • a reason for …. whatever it is you do.

Do you know why you do what you do? Can you articulate that to your children (especially your pre-teens/teens?) Not only do they need to see passion and purpose in our life – they need to desire that in their own life

  • They need to have a relationship with Jesus, a relationship that inspires them to spend more time with Him, to listen to Him and to obey Him.
  • They need to begin to see for themselves that life isn’t about just living and getting by – getting a job, having a good time and someday getting married. These are the things that they may well do – but for what purpose? What will inspire them?

Our teens are unlikely to look at their life any differently than we look at ours. I remember reading, way back when my kids were little, that if I considered housework or parenting to be drudgery then that is what my kids will grow up thinking about these things (and therefore be unlikely to pursue them in their own life). Instead I can impart to my kids that being at home with them was life to me, it stimulated, motivated and excited me. I’m not talking about giving our kids a lie here – but I truly believe that if God has called me to be a wife and mother then He will give me all that I need and life can be fulfilling (and it has been!) I don’t want to give them the picture that my life has been perfect but I do want them to know that it is fulfilling, challenging and so worthwhile because it has its purpose in Jesus.

When you have purpose you will look at your circumstances with motivation and creativity. So many people lack purpose today – we see it in our community everywhere, everyday. Purpose though doesn’t come from a job, money, or a house – our true purpose comes from knowing God and walking in His plan for our lives.

When we hear that God has a plan for our lives we more often than not start thinking of our activities – what we do. And maybe God does have a particular job for you to do and he will reveal that to you (or your teens) in good time, but I believe God’s plan for us is clearly stated for us in Jesus’ commands:

To love the Lord your God with
all your heart, mind and soul and
to love your neighbour as yourself.

Do these words inspire you? If you let these words become your purpose – your inspiration for all that you do – then you will find creative ways to live your life, you will have motivation to deal with the things in front of you, you will be committed and not give up when it gets tough.

If you feel your life is without purpose, or a drudgery then take this command of Christ, pray for it to become your passion and I believe God will be faithful and inspire you in so many ways.

Note: Many of the thoughts here come from my thoughts, prayers and conversations with my teens. Can I encourage you to read it with two 'minds' - one, considering your own life; are you inspired by your relationships with Jesus. And two - with the mind/heart of a parent so you can encourage your children with these things too. They need to find their way and purpose knowing it needs to be intricately interwoven with Jesus.

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