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Being a Mum - It takes Passion - Issue 232
January 06, 2012
Hi there! ....

This week We have had change of plans after change of plans. We had initially set aside a couple of days to head off with Peter to see his work environment but due to the complexities of the job at hand that didn’t happen. So we stayed home and worked on our personal projects, while Peter and his Dad headed off to the cattle station. Then one of the horses Peter is working with ended up here on our place so the boys had experience of setting up an electric fence and we have been able to see what is involved in a horse AI (artificial insemination) programme.

I’ve done a little planning for our coming academic year though still have some other areas of life to think about (life skills, character, reading lists, etc) You can see my planning (as far as I’ve got) on my blog.

Next week we head off for family holiday to Victoria. I’m making one morning available for a Mum’s Meet. If you live in the Gippsland area – then I’d love to catch up with you face to face. Read more here.

Live life with your kids!

If you are an Australian reader I would appreciate you reading this special request.

It Takes Passion

Being a mum is more than just a job. It is something that needs to grab our heart and be our passion.

A job has connotations of something that

  • You choose to do, and yet you are also chosen by your employer to do this particular task
  • You are recompensed and recognised for what you do, if you do it well
  • You have training to prepare and enable you to do your tasks well
  • You have opportunity for advancement if you do a good job

But there are a lot of people out there who simply get up every day and do their job. There is a sense of habit, it is what they do. There may be a sense of entrapment, they have no other option and yet the bills have to be paid so they keep on doing the only thing they can see – their job.

The danger of us seeing being a mother as our job is that we fall into these feelings too. We wake up and do whatever has to be done, out of duty, out of a sense of what else is there to do. We struggle because there is no recognition (emotional or fiscal). There is no training, no time really to improve our skills we just have to get the task at hand done – be it changing a nappy, or dealing with an angry child or simply bad manners at the dinner table. And there is no real opportunity for advancement – I’ll be their mummy for life!

When we listen to the world we will hear that we need to have a job, that you should be paid what you are worth, and that you are worth something if you are better at doing something than someone else. If we look at these thoughts as the foundation for our identity and self-acceptance we are buying into a lie.

God loves us. That is where our approval comes from. He loves us before we became a mum, before we made the choice to stay at home or to go to work. That choice has nothing to do with it. Neither does having a clean house and well behaved children. God loves us before all that stuff! And he keeps on loving us even in the midst of all that stuff!

We need to keep our eyes on what God’s Word says, not the standards of living around us.

Our children need the guiding hand of their parents. They need their parents to be involved in their life – in their physical, emotional, social and spiritual lives. And I have the opportunity to do that full time, without the distractions of anything outside of the home. This is a blessing. We need to have the attitude, the heart, that this is more than a job – it needs to become our passion.

A passion is something you live for. You wake up and you want to get going on your passion. You are always thinking about it, there is a sense of urgency, it consumes you.

If we are to rise up above the doldrums of mothering simply being a job we must find a passion for what we are doing. We will only have a passion for something we see value in.

Passion for teaching, training and guiding our children’s hearts.
Passion for shaping their character
Passion for getting to know who they are – and helping each facet of their being to grow in such a way to bring glory to God.

I like looking up the thesaurus as it gives a broader vocab and helps paint a more complete picture than if we just use one word. So for passion I found these words:

  • Fervour
  • Obsession
  • Excitement
  • Enthusiasm
  • Zeal
  • Delight
  • Commitment

Is this how we see our role as Mother? Do we delight in learning how our child ticks? Are we obsessed with passing God’s word onto our children? Do we get excited about seeing our children grow, or seeing opportunities for them to grow? Are we committed to them and their growing up? Do we have zeal and fervour in finding how to teach and train them as individuals?

This is parenting with passion. It is more than a job. Sure we may have a job description – we are to bring our children up in the admonition and fear of the Lord – but for that to happen it needs to be more than duty, more than just what we do, more than a lifestyle – it needs to be our passion.

If you struggle with this – if many other things distract you, then can I suggest you take a season of time and pray that God will give you this passion, for I believe it is a God given passion that we need. The works of man, the things that we push our heart into, will crumble – but the works of God will stand the tests that come. Pray that God will ignite in you a passion for raising godly children, that he will give you a heart for their heart. The times when we have the attitude of drudgery, of hopelessness, of exhaustion, pray that God will lift you above this, that he will give you a new heart: a heart as his heart is – passionate for his children.

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Living life with her kids in Australia!

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