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Finding "Me Time" - Issue 220
October 07, 2011
Hi there! ....

My apologies if you receive this twice. Weird things happening with my technology today!

This week is the first week of school holidays for those kids going to school. We decided for these holidays we would not take a break from our studies necessarily but we would continue to live life taking whatever opportunity each day offered.

  • Monday the kids studied and Jess started sewing a handbag/gift.
  • Tuesday we had visitors arrive while I was in town, so the kids played host/hostess and welcomed our guests. They did a little study, and Jess continued to sew.
  • Wednesday we went to a local waterhole in the morning and the girls had a sleepover at a friends with a houseful of girls. The girls have friends who used to live up here visiting again so they will have extra social activities catching up with them through the week.
  • Thursday was very quiet as the girls were still away, Josh was working and Daniel went between writing his story and reading a slightly harder book than he has tried before.
  • Friday we spent the morning catching up around the house as all this busyness takes its toll. The girls had a birthday party / sleepover in the afternoon. The boys relaxed doing their own thing.

So life happens – a little study here and a little play there.

Live life with your kids!

If you are an Australian reader I would appreciate you reading this special request.

Finding "Me Time"

A few weeks ago my newsletters was about Dealing with Stress and one of the ways I listed was to find time to be creative. I find that when I make time for some creativity in my life, I am more balanced with a better perspective on life. I’d like to talk about that some more.

There is often debate over “me” time for a Christian mother – but to my mind I am a person and this person needs to be looked after just like any other person in my family. When my family was young, God spoke to my heart and basically said it was up to me to organise my responsibilities and train my children so that I could have time to be refreshed.

Just recently we’ve been studying leisure and have come to the realisation that we need rest in our body, soul and spirit. Do you find time to refresh in body, soul and spirit? I think we often see rest in terms of physical rest - sleep, or spiritual rest - Sunday, worship. But we also need to find time for resting our soul.

What refreshes your soul? My friends all do different things - one cooks, one runs, one goes visiting or out for coffee, another paints, does patchwork quilting, goes to a ladies bible study, reads, watches a DVD. I've read of a lady just sitting out on her veranda every day with a cuppa, she just reflects and her children know not to disturb her.

We need to come to the place where we are okay with the idea of finding time in our day to refresh. If we constantly give we will wear ourselves out. This is not a selfish thing but neither is it always at the top priority. We do have to give of ourselves to our family, but not to our ‘un-health’ (not sure that is a word!!) So though I recognise that I need time, I don’t demand it above the needs of my family, but my family work towards me having that time, just as I work towards them having what they need to be refreshed.

My times have looked different as my family has grown and changed. When we first started homeschooling my creativity was put into their schooling and my brain was always ticking over fresh thoughts. I found this stimulating and though I wasn’t creating in the traditional sense my life was abuzz with learning new stuff.

Creativity means: Approaching a need, a task, or an idea from a new perspective (Character First.

So for me learning something new – homeschooling, blogging, writing, website building has been a creative outlet (until the learning curve is over then I get bored, and look for something new to focus on!)

I started scrapbooking when Daniel was young – and though the idea was that my albums would build up the family, it was a creative thing for me.

I have spent time teaching my girls to sew and create with fabric. I miss fabric crafts and sewing more than any other creative outlet but for this season in my life – my creative energies are put into teaching my girls. I delight so much in what they are making.

So when I say I have creative time, or I need creative time, it hasn’t always been time by myself for myself completely. That has come and gone depending on the ages of my children. One of the priorities for me when my children were very young was to teach them to occupy themselves for a set period of time each day. Once the training time was over then I had this time to myself. It is easy to use those short moments to quickly dash around doing my chores, but I decided not to do that but instead take that ˝ hour to an hour for myself to be refreshed. This became my habit.

These days, my kids are so much older and I can withdraw from the family without much ado. I can go and have a coffee or lunch with a friend, I can lock myself away to read, write or create, I can talk on the phone, I can watch a DVD. But with this freedom comes much responsibility – I must not abuse it. I must maintain my responsibilities and know that it is a quick slide from taking time to be refreshed to being distracted with pleasure!

The challenge I’d like to leave you this week is to consider your attitude towards rest –

  • Do you recognise your need for time to refresh and yet not demand it over the needs of others in your family?
  • Have you trained your children to be occupied without you (room time for example)
  • Do you take the opportunities that do come to you?

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Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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