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Opportunities will Come - Issue 209
July 15, 2011
Hi there! ....

This week We simply had a rest this week. Do you know the signs for when your family is just tired? That is the place we were at last weekend. It has been a really nice week. Mind you, Daniel needed focus so we spent about 1 hour a day finishing off a Space project he was working on. He finished his lapbook yesterday and was very excited. It is good to find this balance between activity and restfulness. The girls just pottered: they played the piano, they tidied up craft areas and supplies, they read books and blogs and they wrote a little. They helped me around the house and we watched a few good movies. We are all refreshed and ready to go next week when we start our next season with a study focus.

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If you are an Australian reader I would appreciate you reading this special request.

Opportunities will Come

Do you ever wonder if you are doing the right thing with keeping your kids home? Do you wonder how they will get on in the future? Do you get people challenging your decisions, and then they play the ‘socialisation’ card!! I want to encourage you with our story (well, our story so far). My testimony is that God will provide, He will make a way.

We believe that each of our children are unique and that God has a unique plan and purpose for them. In training them to be ready for God to use them in any sphere of their life we work hard at training them in character, in relational skills, in taking responsibility and in general knowledge, of course, even more important than all of that is that we nurture them in their relationship with Christ. When it becomes obvious what their passions are we allow them time and give them the resources where possible to pursue experience and knowledge in that particular area.

For many years Joshua has been interested in history, apologetics, world view and more recently politics. We live in the outback – remote part of Australia. Where is a boy with these interests going to get experience up here? God is bigger than all that.

When he was in “year 11” (we don’t do grades, but he was of that age) he was sponsored by Rotary to go to Canberra as a part of their Citizenship programme. This came out of the blue but gave Josh many opportunities. The first hurdle was to be interviewed by the local Rotary group – he had a group interview and one-on-one interviews. This introduced him to men in the town, men who are now interested in him as a young man. He had a ball in Canberra. He met young people from all over Australia – some of which he has kept in touch with. While in Canberra he was put in many situations where he had to make speeches and discuss issues. Invaluable experience.

In January of this year his nomination for the Compass Summer Conference was accepted; 100 young adults from all over the country come together to explore how faith and life connect. This was exciting – not only was he connecting with peers (from a Christian perspective this time) but the conference had times where Joshua’s spiritual life was challenged. I would encourage any of your children who pursuing university (in Australia) to consider this conference in years to come. Joshua remains in contact with many of these folk, they challenge him and I hope that he challenges them.

Earlier this year Josh received a phone call from a family friend who had put his name forward as an contributor for a panel speaking about politics, citizenship and ethics. The panel was put together by a Christian lady who was encouraging her students to be involved in these things. She had mature men and youth (all of different beliefs) on the panel but specifically wanted a young person of Christian beliefs who could talk about politics and ethics from a Christian perspective. Josh worked hard on his uni studies to give him the freedom to go. He had a wonderful time – and he did well on the panel. This gave him a taste for quick thinking, quick logical thinking and finding the right words to express your thoughts – especially if someone was disagreeing with you.

The following week he spent four days working in the office of a Member of Parliament. The member and his office worked very hard at giving Joshua a broad range of experiences from campaigning, to mundane office tasks, to business meetings. Joshua also lived with this man and his family and to be honest the first thing he commented on was how they worked in their marriage within the context of such a public life. This excited me more than the politics side of things –he was drawing from older people real life skills (such as maintaining a marriage).

Just this week Josh is at a Christian Students Camp from the Darwin University. Peter met the Chaplain at a seminar earlier in the year and he issued an invite even though Josh is studying externally through another university. Each morning I have a phone call from Josh and he tells me what he has done and what he is learning – he talks flat out for 30minutes. He has learnt a few things about himself (one of which is that he isn’t very good in the kitchen – something we will have to work on!!). Their mornings are spent discussing their Bible theme (Centrality of the Cross) and he is having many discussions about the application of that. Their afternoons and evenings are spent on various activities; some he has done well at, others have been completely new experiences.

About the time Josh was working on his first assignment as an external university student we watched a movie, The Spelling Bee. One of the lines struck a chord with Josh, and with his personal situation. The main character had relied on a coach to help her through the spelling bee competition but for various reasons he was pulling out but this coincided with her family and community pulling around her. He said to her something along the lines of “You have a 100 coaches around you.” This has been Joshua’s experience as well. Staying here in his community as he goes onto the next stage of his education he has a 100 coaches around him. Men from the community have stepped up and are training him; coaching him in essay writing, leading youth group, writing and presenting devotions and sermons. Men, who by their very interaction with him, will encourage him to stand up and be a man.

He has also had opportunity to work in a couple of different businesses for short times - relief work, to serve at a community function/dinner, to help out at church, to help with the youth group and to coach junior cricket.

I would never have known when we started out, that all those things would happen for Josh. I have no idea what will be the next thing that opens up for him but I am convinced there will be more. Each one of these opportunities has been God’s goodness towards Josh and towards our family. God has a plan, and he will bring it to pass.

And this gives me hope for my other children, as I trust it brings hope to you too. Josh is just one of God’s children – and God will care for each and every one. He will make a way for each of my children, a way that will consider their uniqueness and individuality (the way He made them be).

Behold, I am doing a new thing;
now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
and rivers in the desert.
Isaiah 43:19

The whole time I’ve been writing this testimony I have had the chorus of Don Meon’s song in my mind: I will make a way for you…

God will make a way
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me
He will be my guide
Hold me closely to His side
With love and strength
For each new day
He will make a way
He will make a way

By a roadway in the wilderness
He'll lead me
And rivers in the desert will I see
Heaven and earth will fade
But His Word will still remain
He will do something new today

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