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It takes time to be like her - Issue 199
May 06, 2011
Hi there! ....

This week: We have a busy weekend – our son Joshua turned 18 yesterday and we are celebrating with our Christian family tonight. And then it is Mother’s Day on Sunday.

As I reflect back on 18 years with Josh I have to smile... Who would have ever known! As Jess goes through our photos (which are not all organised in albums sadly!!), I have my own little slide show going through my head – A little boy dressed in white playing in red dirt.
A little boy sympathising with his puppy by crawling into the kennel.
A little boy kissing his sister goodnight.
A little boy absorbed in a book.
A growing boy obsessed by cricket.
A growing boy wanting to talk all the time.
A teen able to stand tall and shake a hand.
A teen going off by himself to Canberra.
A young man making friends with the difficult and lonely.
A young man who represents God and his family and who makes us proud!
We don’t know where God will take this young man – but we do know if Josh is willing to follow God has a plan, a good plan for his life!

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If you are an Australian reader I would appreciate you reading this special request.

It takes time to be like her

Whether your role model is your mother, or another older woman, or even the Proverbs 31 lady – it takes time to be like her.

The thing is, our role model never used to be like we see her today. She started off a younger woman, a woman without the life experiences that she draws from today. My mum was a young wife once, she was a mum with 3 little kids, she lived in a caravan, and moved regularly. Those experiences have shaped her along with many others. This may sound obvious but we don’t always remember this when we look at the skills and wisdom these older ladies have. We tend to compare ourselves, fail miserably, and then just push them up onto a pedestal, with comments like “I wish I could be more like her…”

Though I remember parts of my childhood, I don’t really remember much about how mum did things in the early stages of motherhood. Probably the things I do remember are more likely to be the things we’ve actually talked about. I don’t remember how she coped with bringing my baby brother home – I remember trying to pick him up and that stressed her out a bit, but I don’t remember how she responded to interrupted sleep, or teething, or tantrums. I don’t remember how she kept house through these times. And yet I have this overall idea that mum was a good housekeeper at all times– and I should be too! If I am honest I remember my mum the housekeeper from when I was about 12yo and my younger brother was 5yo. We need to see our heroes as real people, living real lives with real challenges and real responses.

Life is a journey – and it was a journey for the older women in our life too. As we go through life situations, our responses to these situations change us. We will never be the same person we started out as when we were first married.

We learn skills: I am constantly on the look out for better ways to do things. Better ways to clean house, better ways to organise my day, better ways to prepare food. I love seeing how other people do things, and take home a clever little tip that will save me time, money or energy. This means that the skill set I had 10 years ago has to be different than the skill set I have today – life is a learning journey. It is that way for me, and I am sure it was that way for my mother. I must acknowledge that my mother learnt along the way too.

We alter our attitudes: I remember my mum sharing with us a heart response she had during a sermon one day. (Well, it started out as a reaction, and then God spoke to her and it ended up as a response, if you can see the difference). I was probably around 16 or so and I saw that mum was a person (not just mum) and she had issues and God spoke to her, and she responded to him. I hope I am showing this to my children too. As life takes us on, as we walk with God we do have the opportunity to change our attitudes. Those changed attitudes will change our behaviour. Just as a change in heart changes the tantrum of a toddler! My mum didn’t always react to circumstances the way she does today. I need to remember that – she is growing, and so can I.

We grow in wisdom: Wisdom is the practical application of knowing Jesus. The more we get to know Jesus, the more we apply His truths and His life to our circumstances the more wisdom we will have. My mum just wasn’t endowed with a dose of “common sense” – she has grown in wisdom by walking with Jesus. But this has grown with time – We need to give ourselves time to dwell in his Word, to ponder and to find applications and we too will grow in wisdom.

So this Mothers Day as we celebrate our own mothers, and as our children celebrate with us it is a good time to take stock – a looking back and a looking forward. We can give thanks for where we have come from, and pray for strength to walk on tomorrow. Take a moment, even now, to give thanks to God for the older woman, for the physical and/or spiritual role models in your life. Give thanks to God for the journey that they have been on, and that they have been able to encourage you on yours.

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