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Dependability - Issue 189
February 25, 2011
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This week we started a full study schedule with Nomi and Daniel though we only had two study days. The wet season brings many opportunities to our family that the rest of the year doesn’t so it is important for us to keep our studies in balance with those other things. You can read more about our week over at my blog.

My daughter Jessica asked a very pertinent question this week – one that Pete and I will continue to think on. We were discussing some family commitments and she asked “Is this commitment detrimental to our family goals?” A very good question. It is a question of good, better, or best. We can do something that doesn’t really conflict with our family – and yet, it doesn’t necessarily strengthen them either. Something to think about!

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Character First defines Dependability as:

Fulfilling what I consented to do,
even if it means unexpected sacrifice

I simplified this for the younger kids as:

Doing what I said I would do,
even when it’s hard

Are we dependable people? Are we dependable in all our relationships – husband/wife, parent, or friend?

As I’ve studied dependability and discussed it with my children we kept talking about two specifics

  1. Be careful what you promise
  2. Keep your word – actually do it.

The Bible has many warnings about guarding our tongue and if we are going to be trustworthy and relied upon then we certainly need to be aware of what we are saying. So often we say ‘yes, I’ll do that’ and then it slips our mind. When we say ‘yes’ that is a promise – we’ve said we would. When it slips our mind, or we let other things take priority over that promise we are not keeping our word.

This has been a big point to our kids: they say ‘yes mum’ all the time, and as young kids that meant obedience straight away, but as older kids they start to relate to us and life a bit differently (as they should) and things don’t always need doing immediately, but they do need doing. Saying ‘yes, okay, I’ll do that’ is easy – but it is the carrying out those instructions or request that makes them obedient, trustworthy and reliable.

This is a challenge to parents too – we often say ‘yes, okay, we’ll do that’ to our kids and it never happens. We need to watch what we commit to – and we need to see even our casual ‘yes’ as a commitment.

Being dependable requires us to action; we must do what we say we would do. I told my kids: words mean nothing without actions. In fact, words without the supporting action can actually damage our relationships – when there is no carry through on what we say people (yes, even our children) will begin to distrust us and building a relationship from that stance is very very difficult. Do we do what we say we will do? It is our actions that will show whether we are dependable (or not).

Being dependable isn’t always fun! Sometimes we say we will do something and then we simply don’t feel like it. What would you say to your teenage daughter who had said she’d do one thing with a friend and then an invite to a party came along – it is probably an example a bit over done but we all know the right thing to do in that situation. And yet we say we’ll do something with our kids and then something pops up and we can quickly justify why this new opportunity is more important than what we were going to do. We need to live by the same standards we expect for our children – if the standard is right for them, it is certainly right for us. Being dependable requires sacrifice, it will hurt us but our relationships require it of us, our relationships will be strengthened.

With every choice there is a consequence – are we aware there are consequences for those choices we make when we change our mind, forget our promises, or don’t keep our word?

Don’t make excuses-make good.
-Elbert Hubbard

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