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Training Daughters, Training Sons - Issue 183
January 14, 2011
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This week we are still on holidays, if you’d like to catch up with what is going on – I maybe blogging (or I may not be). You’ll have to go over and have a look-see! Belinda’s Notes

This week I have two parts to my newsletter – training daughters and training sons. These are very big topics and the scope of this newsletter is to simply stimulate your thinking in these areas.

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Training Daughters, Training Sons

Training Daughters
What are you training your daughters to be? Wife, Mum, Homemaker? Don’t know about you but that isn’t my goal -

I’m training my daughter to be the helpmeet
of a world changer!

Is that arrogant? I hope not. Let’s break it down

World Changer – that sounds like nothing less than a political leader, or military strategist or a science genius will be good enough for my daughter. These types of people may well change the world but that is not necessarily top of the list for husband material for our girls. On my website I use a quote that Peter and I often reflect on:

When you show character,
people begin to respect you...
After time, that respect grows into trust...
After time, that trust builds a relationship...
When you have relationships with people
you have influence into their lives...
Influence is leadership.

This is the type of man we want for our daughters, and the type of man we want our daughters to be ready to stand beside. Someone who has character – who influences people - a leader – a world changer!

Helpmeet is a word we don’t use these days and it has been under attack as a word that makes women secondary and incapable. I firmly believe the saying “behind every successful man is a strong woman” not as some feminist cry that demands I am better than my man, but as a simple truth. God made it that way; that a man and woman need each other to achieve the things He calls them to do.

We want our daughters to be prepared to stand beside her man, in whatever God calls them to do. This means she needs to be ready in

  • spiritual ways – does she love and know Jesus, has her own personal relationship and does she study God’s word for herself
  • emotional – does she bring her emotions under the control of the Holy Spirit
  • moral – does she make wise choices, living her life in keeping with the word of God
  • social – does she choose good friends, who will encourage her in her walk with God, and yet does she care for others regardless of their choices in life
  • academic – does she use her mind, can she communicate her thoughts and challenge others to think
  • life skills – can she look after her household?

Will your daughter be prepared to stand beside a man of character?

Training Sons
When we look at the type of man we want for our daughters we have an immediate goal to train our son to be that type of man. Somewhere out there is another family, praying for the future husband of their daughter – my son may just be that man. Will he be ready? Will he be that man of character?

Interesting things started going on in my head when I decided to write today about training sons. I was functioning in some interesting (not necessarily correct) stereotypes– [Apparently] I can talk about training children (boys and girls) but when it comes to talking about training sons I think to myself – I wish Pete was writing this article what can I say! I hope you can see that I am only sharing my thought process – it was not a correct thought process because mothers – you have a strong influence in the training of your sons.

Hannah has always been a woman that fascinated me. She had a very precious son and yet she only had him a short time. The thing that intrigues me with this story of Hannah, mother of Samuel, is that when her son was young she gave him to the care of a man, Eli, who didn’t have a good reputation as a dad. And yet a few years later Samuel heard and responded to God’s voice. God told Samuel important things. I believe that Hannah instilled into little Samuel’s heart the foundations for listening to and obeying God.

Eunice a Jewish woman, married to a Greek man had an influence on her son Timothy’s life. He grew up a Jew in faith though he was a Greek by birth. She taught her son the scriptures from an early age – of course, many people have wondered about the dad, but that isn’t recorded in the scriptures so let’s not be sidetracked. The truth is there for us – the mother Eunice and Grandmother Lois impacted Timothy’s belief system. 2 Tim 3:14, 15 But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it, and how from infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.

Our role is confirmed in Proverbs where our sons are encouraged to listen …

Listen, my son, to your father's instruction and
do not forsake your mother's teaching.
Proverbs 1:8

We need to make sure that our teaching is worth paying attention to. When I reflect again on what type of person I want my son to be I need to ensure that my teaching is encouraging him to be a man who loves and serves God, a man who knows the scripture, a man of character, a man who cares for others, who stands up for his beliefs and his family. My son can begin to practice these things while he is in my home. My encouragement to you today Mothers is – don’t pull back from teaching your sons. They need you. How they listen and how they relate to you will impact them for the rest of their life.

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